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  • Tasas Demográficas - Este sitio es una alternativa al sistema de consultas a bases de datos estadísticas. Su objetivo es brindar facilidades para el aná¡lisis de datos, mediante el uso de tablas dinámicas y mapas. Esas herramientas permiten calcular diferentes tasas demográ¡ficas de forma automá¡tica, con la posibilidad de aplicar filtros sobre los datos para obtener resultados delimitados por las variables que sean seleccionadas.
  • Población y Salud en Mesoamérica - Población y Salud en Mesoamérica es una revista electrónica de carácter académico, publicada semestralmente por el Centro Centroamericano de Población (CCP) de la Universidad de Costa Rica. El objetivo primordial de esta publicación es la difusión de los

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    City: -84.0833 Provincia de San Jose, Costa Rica

  • Frank D. Adams - Excellent work

    Conason did a terrific job reviewing all of the nuances affecting Bill and Hillary Clinton! It was a terrific work!

  • JerseyJoe - Don't waist your money, even if it's free.

    Not worth the hype. I was pretty disappointed in this movie. First of all 20 years in the future is portrayed as "now" and the president is a woman that sounds like Hillary Clinton. Whether you're for her or not, the movie appears to have a political lean. I don't watch movies that try to sway a political view one way or the other. Aside from that, it was a pretty crappy sequel to a pretty good movie. I watched the original at least 20 times and I won't watch this one twice.

  • Michelle S. - After I updated the squad, the game kept on ...

    After I updated the squad, the game kept on freezing either during gameplay, training, team management and every other screen. Deleted the game from the ps3 to try and fix solution and it kept on freezing as well.

  • T. McCombs - Excellent Resource

    Whether you are a seasoned human resources professional or a novice, "The Essential HR Handbook" is an excellent resource with helpful tips, sample forms, and a roadmap for effectively managing common human resources matters.

  • stevenf16506 - Wanted To Like It

    I really wanted to like this book.I gave up on it after the after the sex scene in the tub of medical gel. Was it a fantasy? A telepathic manipulation? A rape? It was just godawful.

  • Heather - This book is the EXACT material as the "NCLEX-RN Strategies ...

    This book is the EXACT material as the "NCLEX-RN Strategies, Practice, and Review 2013-2014. The only difference is the 2 Practice tests that you get with this book and not the other. Save your money and purchase the 2013-2014 book. The book has practice exams after every chapter so you still get plenty of practice. Also the 2013-2014 book comes with a disc.

  • Dennis K. - Black Beauty grass seed

    So far so good I seeded my yard this fall and watered the seed daily to keep it moist and used line and starter fertilizer. I have received many compliments so far and the lawn is only 2 months old. I used this last bag to reseed over several thin areas in the new lawn.