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  • meredbird - Worked great

    Worked great for female itching. I am on the monthly shopping plan and have been taking this for a couple of years now. Changed my life

  • nov1130 - My daughter will have less scaring because of this machine. Thank you.

    Well my daughter in particular have really bad blackheads, my daughter suffers from them o.k. her nose and extremily between her breasts, she suffers from very large breasts so they come together & that's why she gets such bad black heads.

  • Jonathan Chrisant - For those of you who just want to play the single player qualifying campaign READ THIS!!!

    I'm not a FIFA Junkie and generally only buy soccer games when the World Cup comes around because I am bigger fan of the international play than the league play, hence I have bought the World Cup version every time it has been released since 2002. Obviously the big draw for me is playing a team through the qualification process and seeing how far I can go in the Cup Unfortunately EA sports has butchered this mode which should have been the bread and butter of this game. The campaign mode always starts in 2010 so even if you are playing a country from Europe, who's qualifying games don't start until 2012, you will need to watch the game sim through every month of 2010, 2011 and half of 2012. This takes a long time as there are a ton of friendlies and training sessions that will make the simulator stop even if you tell it to proceed to the first qualifying game. This means just getting to the first important match will take you 10-15 minutes of B.S. You will have about 6-8 friendlies during the years before the tourney starts. You can sim over them but if your team loses those games they get into bad form (this will happen if you play as a mid range or weaker team i.e. USA, Greece, Bosnia, or worse) which means by time you get to the actual qualifying your teams ability will be diminished due to these losses. Also, once you reach qualifying you have a bunch for friendless left to play in between matches.

  • Picky Consumer - Costumer support - bad experience

    I have been an Avast customer for at least 5 years. Never really had a problem with the program until recently. I called customer support and gave them access to my computer to help me figure what the problem was. After about 15 minutes with them looking through things the guy tell me that he sees what is wrong and that for a cost of over $200 one of there technical guys could fix my problem. All I had to do was pay this outrageous amount and they would set up an appointment for me. And this was on another computer that I had the upgraded version that I paid for! I have never had a problem with the program keeping viruses off my computer but to charge an outrageous price on something like this made me look at Avast in a different way. not happy with their customer support at all

  • Julie Aime - Only one subscription.

    I was really happy with the update, but I can only use it on one computer. This was purchased for a music department at a small middle school to share. It's hard with only one subscription. My Finale 2010 had 3.

  • Portland H. Coates - Boots No.7 serum

    This is very good stuff -- I have used it in the past so I know about it and also from living in England where you can buy it everywhere. Thanks

  • Amazon Customer - Works great

    Works great. My son clicks comfortably into the car seat spot. Super easy to put him in and out. And my daughter really likes having the tray to put her snacks and a drink on while I'm running.