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CERLALC - El Centro Regional para el Fomento del Libro en América Latina y el Caribe (CERLALC) es un organismo intergubernamental, bajo los auspicios de la UNESCO, que trabaja en la creación de condiciones para el desarrollo de sociedades lectoras. Para ello orienta sus acciones hacia el fomento de la producción y circulación del libro; la promoción de la lectura y la escritura, y el estímulo y protección de la creación intelectual. En este sentido, da asistencia técnica en la formulación de políticas públicas, genera conocimiento, divulga información especializada, desarrolla e impulsa procesos de formación y promueve espacios de concertación y cooperación

Country:, North America, US

City: -93.984 Arkansas, United States

  • Vanessa - Not for everyone

    disliked it, did not help control my metabolism. not what i expected either, and does not have a very satisfying taste

  • Sydney Chock - Great for Insignia

    I've used Nevr-Dull throughout my military career. Even in these days of Sta-brite and other "no-shine" insignia, air pollution and time dull the finish on the gold plate and chrome plated items. Or in some cases the plating has worn down. Nevr-Dull removes the tarnish gently and without a lot of rubbing. I also use it on other copper, brass and silver items. It works.

  • Amazon Customer - This shake is amazing. I am doing p90x3 and use this instead ...

    This shake is amazing. I am doing p90x3 and use this instead of Shakeology which is super expensive. The flavor is great - I like vanilla better than the chocolate - and yes I feel better overall. I started p90x3 at 176.5 lbs and 2 1/2 months later I am 164.5 lbs. Every morning I do p90x3, take a shower, and looked forward to drinking this shake for breakfast. Much better than a typical breakfast which I have absolutely no desire for - this stuff is that good and refreshing. Also suffered from alot of acid reflux during the past two or three years and I have to say that it has practically gone away - prob because this stuff has alkalinic powder in it - I don't know. Sometimes at night I will have it after dinner for a dessert as well. Highly recommend it.