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  • rac rach - Never Again!!

    i did the cleansing part with ease although i didn't feel all too good after taking the herbal pills. there's something not right about it so i stopped taking it after the second day. by the time i got to the part where you take the MNS 3 vitamin packets, it all went downhill from there. i felt fine taking the morning pills but the afternoon caused some very bad reaction with me. my heart was palpitating & i was experiencing shortness of breath. this all happened at my work and i got more worried when my colleagues were telling me that i was starting to look pale. I sent myself to the ER. How could i explain or let the medical team know exactly which pill made me sick since there are so many of them (and i didn't have the box on me)?? After explaining to my Advocare advisor what happened, she recommended that i at least stay on one of their supplements that was included in the MNS 3 packs. Yeah, i don't think so!!! i shouldn't have started this program to begin with. i'm only trying to lose the excess fat i have on my stomach and i should have known better that popping a bunch of supplements wasn't going to do anything for that. Clean eating and exercise is the way to go!! Oh, and BTW...i didn't lose a single pound from the herbal cleanse either. This stuff is junk.

  • Christine - Good catch-up

    Izzy is one of my favourite characters so it was great to see what he has been up to. It is equally nice to watch Ben grow into an interesting young man. Really enjoyed the look at hell week and Boat Squad John. Looking forward to more about all of them. Really enjoyed this story.