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  • KNHwkns - Happy cook

    Have had the pans for about one month now - they are working very nicely. They heat evenly and clean up has been a breeze. They are holding up well - but I'm also being extra careful as all previous pans have been a disaster. Would definitely recommend these to other shoppers based on my intiial experience.

  • BobOki - Great easy to read LARGE calendar. Had a few bubbles on the sides cut open when they cut the bubble wrap. Great calendar still!

    There is only one problem I had with this calendar, and that is that some of the bubbles on the far edges were cut when they cut the bubblewrap. I think we had 4 of them total that were cut, so no pop. The rest is great, calendar is HUGE, easy to read and comes with reminder stickers. Dates of import are already marked, holidays, etc and are easy to read. The bubbles that were not broken, the other 98%, make a good loud pop sound and the entire calendar will go great on a wall for anyone that really loves bubble wrap.

  • Robert Elmasian - Much Cheaper but Same Compound

    Mean Green Hand Scrub is essential the same as Zanfel but is much cheaper. Currently, one can purchase a 60 ounce tub from the meangreen biz website for $20 plus shipping. According to the meangreen us website, the inventor of Zanfel was one of their salesmen who noticed a palliative effect on poison ivy/oak/sumac contact skin dermatitis; see "Relief from Poison Oak and Poison Ivy" under the main page's Resource Center tab.

  • LuluBell - This makes a beautiful gift.

    I have been enjoying my set of Gardinesca Therapeutic Essential Oils greatly . This is a set of 6 of the most common of the aroma therapy oils. These oils are all in 10 mill brown bottles and are 100% pure and of a Therapeutic Grade. I found the oils in my set to be strong and I had no reason to doubt their claim of purity. This is one of the most attractively boxed sets I have ever see,. The box, the print, the labels all play a part in this beautiful packaging. These are the things I look for when I am shopping for a treat for myself or a gift for a friend. This product earns nothing less then the 5 stars that I am giving it not only for its quality but for the beauty of its presentation . I am 100% happy with my set of oils! * I received this item for free or at a discount in exchange for my honest and unbiased review*

  • Christopher Nassoiy - If you do the 30 cleanse right (and there are ...

    If you do the 30 cleanse right (and there are 3 different ways to do the cleanse) then you cannot fail to be successful, that is my personal experience and many other's that I personal know.