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  • ohms - I love the card games.

    I have been playing Hoyle card games for a long time. I had to buy this one because my old Hoyle would not function with Windows 8.1. I think the slots machines are boring.

  • Longhorn_sparky - THIS is what I've been looking for!

    After years of trying everything in order to relieve symptoms of chronic fatigue and depression, I FINALLY FOUND THE ANSWER. And I'd tried everything: diet, exercise, supplements, cleanses, zapping, you name it... What's funny is that for the last few years I've had an unexplainable urge to dig holes in the yard, which I've indulged freely since there's plenty of yard. Apparently, my body needed electrons and by digging holes, I was fulfilling a need that my conscious mind was completely unaware of! I love the premise of the book, that the earth is one big magnet with an infinite supply of free electrons. And because they are free, no pharmaceutical company or other corporate entity can profit from the infinite supply directly below our feet. After sleeping grounded for a couple of weeks now, my fatigue is lessoned, the bags under my eyes are gone, and I don't feel the need to crash on the couch at the end of the day. I'm having the most amazing technicolor dreams again, just like 20 years ago. Thank you, Ober, Sinatra, and Zucker for writing this book!

  • Christian Marston - Sun Mountain C-135

    Great storage! Heavy if you need to walk. Would have liked to see it come with a hard cover for the top to travel with.

  • James Rouse - A M A Z I N G!!!

    I was so tired of anti virus software taking up such huge memory and slowing my computer down while it ran in the background. I tried Webroot and the difference was Amazing. Small foot print in the back ground, caught all of the threats some of my other software missed, and I have not had any problems. I installed on my sons computer and you would not believe all of the threats it cleared, where avast would just deactivate threats, Webroot removed, and without all of the annoying pop ups. Best buy is multi-computer license, otherwise it is a little price for just one license. $79 for 15 months over 5 computers includes cell phones as well.

  • Patricia - No flu shot for me!

    This is one of the best discoveries ever. I carry one in my car, one in my purse and one at my bedside. I have stayed healthy all winter and I usually am sick all winter. Is this the reason why? I can't prove it, but I sure do believe so!

  • Jessica - I expected better written sentences

    A decent enough story but the incorrect and overuse of commas were very distracting. With the author being an English teacher, I expected better written sentences. It seemed like every other sentence had an unnecessary comma. For someone who has knowledge of how to use those pesky little buggers, it was difficult to ignore the billion used throughout the story.