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  • Darlene Suniga - Doesn't make the claim...

    I have been using the oil for almost four weeks and have not seen any hair growth. It made my hair softer but that is all that it has done for me.

  • Robert Steenwyk - Excellent book about the 2015 Michigan team

    If you are a Michigan football fan, you should buy this book. If you are a Michigan rival, you should probably buy this book. It you are a fan of college football, you should probably buy this book. It is full of information on the predicted roster, how the offense is likely to look, if the defense can continue to play at the level they did last season, and a breakdown of the schemes of both Michigan and their opponents.

  • Sun P. Kwok - Product Key didn't work, Unable to Activate

    We bought this directly from Amazon instead of some of the other options We've had problems in the past with 3rd party Windows software purchases. The software loaded just fine but the Product Key provided would not activate. Sent back to Amazon for a replacement, if this doesn't work we'll have to get it from somewhere else.

  • Catina - Five Stars

    Very good and helps in an awesome way. Especially for those trying to steer away from traditional, western medicines.

  • jessica - smells great fast shipping..😊😆

    I gave this product a 3 star because I have not been using this long enough to give any definite answers to whether it actually works for not. However the shipment was extremely fast and the lotions actually smells really Great. I have only been using for a week now, so I'm not sure how long it will take to see results... Bottle says 6 months... I'm hoping not that long. I am small thinned athletic framed and have been working out to get that extra look to my body and got this lotion to help give that extra ommf to my bottom. So for right now I give a 3 stars, after a while of actually using, if I see any difference in this product actually WORKING I will update my review. Vest of luck to everyone. 😊

  • Lauren S. Bottomly - This variety enchanted this dark roast fan

    My husband and I stick with dark roast varieties, favoring Caffe Verona, Sumatra, and Italian Roast. I'd seen the hype over Casi Cielo, but wasn't too sure about spending a premium price to try a medium roast.

  • Dani - S***tin pretty for real!

    This spray is for real! I use it every time I make dumpy! It even works if you walk in and somebody forgot to use the spray! Just 4-6 spritz in the bowl to capture your lil astronauts essence! No one will ever know that you are laying a good healthy number deux! Ya know, I can say my s*** really does smell like roses! Thank you makers of poo pourri!