Clinical Indications - Clinical indications are a combination of three or four words that can be used on a prescription to describe the effect on the patient of a particular drug. This site exists to promote the use of clinical indications with the goal of seeing them widely used.

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  • N. Foss - This works like magic

    I had a similar item made by a different manufacturer before that was "accidentally" thrown away by a family member, so this was a replacement. This works so much better than that other item. The other one would lose vacuum after a day or two, but this one maintains vacuum for over 5 days. I even had one bottle (of a very good wine) that we left from weekend to weekend and the suction remained in tact. The clicking noise is really a great feature to let you know when the vacuum is at the right pressure. Overall an excellent item.

  • Amazon Customer - Great outline for a purposes life

    I began reading this book with the hope of gaining a simple, holistic approach to simplifying my life within a Godly construct. I was not disappointed.

  • M. Lariviere - Great product

    Great product. Nav and satellite radio work with no issues. Installation is as easy as it gets - unscrew old antenna and screw on The Stubby Jr. My truck now fits in the garage.

  • D. Fox - This thing is JUNK

    I read all the bad reviews and ordered it anyway.. I thought maybe I could get it to work. I connected it and it started installing as soon as I turned on the TV. What it was doing is installing firmware that was older than what I already had but at the time I didn't know that. On step 2 of the configuration, it allows the selection of wireless, wired, or no network. Before putting in the EVO, my TV would connect to my wireless network as soon as I turned it on and there are about 10 other wireless networks in the area besides mine. On step 2, this thing can't find any wireless networks.

  • Jessa - Great case, but buttons need improvement.

    Absolutely wonderful, looks good, good bumpers to protect screen and phone from bad drops. My only complaint is the buttons I may return due to the buttons not being defined well enough. I also want a "gold" vs clear rim and they don't offer one. It also costs more than a gold one I found for $9.99 that seems to offer the same protection with good buttons and gold rim. My iPhone 7 plus is gold 😍

  • Steven, PA - Good product

    This mount gets the job done, however, I would NEVER trust putting 165 lbs. on it. I had a 50" Plasma that weighed 80 pounds and when I extended the arms it sounded like it was going to pull the screws from the wall (And yes I had them in studs). It also appeared to bend the metal a bit. I went out a bought a 42" inch Plasma, only 38 lbs. and I feel much safer! I would recommend this product for lighter tv's, but could not do so for the heavier ones!