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  • Positive Thinker - Smoothing Out The Negatives

    I just read the comments of the gentleman that was in their own business over 4 years and who found it to be an expensive business decision. Yes, any business system requires descretionary spending and investment to learn and move products, especially in a global market.

  • TSchwar - Pretty good for eczema

    My son has sever eczema that is made much worse by milk, soy, eggs, and nuts. There are very few formulas that are hypoallergenic; with alimentum being one of only 4 that I know of (Enfamil's Nutramigen, Gerber's Extensive HA, and Neocate being the other 3) and I bought both alimentum and nutramigen to try them out. Both formulas still have milk and soy in the ingredients, but from what I understand the proteins have been broken down so as to minimize allergic reactions. When my son was first on alimentum he had a bit of reaction (the eczema on his legs and head flared up and started to weep) but after a day or two his body seemed to get over that and he has been doing well ever since.

  • Alauddin - Love love love!

    Great product, easy to use. I purchased it as a gift for my teenage son as he is a member of a film study group and he really enjoys using this product. I also purchased the accompanying tripod and together they work a treat!

  • Nichole - You get like a tiny pea size out and the pump doesn't ...

    I use this once or twice a week along with a high dose of biotin and I've noticed a huge change in hair loss and growth. Not only that, but I have/had very oily hair. Not anymore! I never used to go so long without washing my hair, but this really has changed my hair. My only gripe is the pump. It doesn't work at all. You get like a tiny pea size out and the pump doesn't retract back up to allow more to come out.

  • Sweengolly - Be the man

    Came in perfect condition and this is a good year! I prefer the slimmer snowflake's branches like this. Wife loves it. I am the man.