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  • Madelyne Sony - Intro to Physical Anthropology: Great book, definitely needed and recommended!

    This is a great book for Physical Anthropology. It provides the historical context along with interesting passages that are set up in a story like format, which in my opinion, definitely helped me remember topics on exams much easier. There is an extensive list of vocabulary both helpful and easy to follow along for the class. I enjoyed the fact that the chapters were not necessarily over complicated or written in a dull and run on matter. The text get straight to the point and you'll be able to pick out those important facts needed on exams without getting caught up with any complicated and unnecessary context. i definitely recommend this book if you're taking this class. if you are required to have this book for this class i would suggest you buy or rent it. The class on average is not the most difficult and thus, neither is the material; however, the words and vocabulary are unlike some you can just use common sense on. the book will definitely help in that aspect and with the names of the different primates and hominids. Good luck!

  • david - Shockingly and seriously bad. So bad it's bad. Rotten Tomatoes taste nice after this

    Emmerich is no Bruckheimer. Bruckheimer realises that you have to at least some semblance of acting talent on the screen to bestow even a fig leaf of respectability to what is basically second rate material. Will Smith is Bruckheimer's Charlton Heston, poor as that may be, Emmerich plumps for John Cusack which is a disaster in itself...As an ex teacher I can spot a plodder (or two) from a mile away.

  • Rebecca - Quiet and very easy to use

    This machine is extremely quiet and so easy to use, the first day using it I thought, no way is this thing going to really work. Just to easy. Stayed on 30 minutes while watching t.v and could have done it all night. The next day I did feel it, in my lower legs especially, so I guess it really does work. My entire family uses it, have to wait in line to use it. So much easier than a treadmill and quieter too. I don't believe the calorie counter is correct, no way I burned over 340 calories in 30 minutes, didn't even break out in a sweat. I would recommend wearing shoes, because doing it barefoot will cause your feet to go numb not to mention those tread things digging in your feet. For under $100 can't go wrong with this machine. Purchased ours at Wal-mart for $94.