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Country:, North America, US

City: -80.9091 North Carolina, United States

  • Saraussie - sort of helpful

    helpful to store wallet and phone and a small bottle of water or drink but the cup holder is not big enough for a larger bottle or cup which is annoying especially when it's hot out and i'm walking. otherwise it's easy enough to put on the stroller and means that i don't need a purse/handbag if just going out for a walk. need to take it off to fold the stroller, it gets in the way.

  • Dale in Tennessee - WOW, Expensive

    I've used the Rental Property Manager for 2 years now. I'm not sure how they set the cost for this, but it is quite rediculous. I'm considering not doing the upgrade at all. The modest amount of functionality that you get with the product just isn't worth it.

  • Greg L Haase - Expect better!

    I owned the 2010 South Africa version and thought it was a good game (9 out of 10).. I would rate 2014 a 6 at best!

  • Ratana Y. - Flossing is now clean and fun!

    Though this floss is a bit in the pricey side, it is well worth it. I wore braces over a decade ago and while they straightened out my teeth, gaps were formed in between my teeth that result in food particles getting easily stuck within. As you can imagine, I've turned into an obsessive floss freak. I've tried many different types and brands of flosses over the years and was recently given this specific one to sample from my latest visit to the dentist. By far, Cocofloss is the best quality and most effective of them all. It makes me feel good to visually see every ounce of food particle exiting out from under root of my teeth upon flossing each one - Cocofloss provides a flossing experience like no other! Not only do you get an incredible clean sensation from under your gums, the powerful clean flavor coated on the floss is an icing on the cake. All around clean - your mouth will thank you, and you'll find yourself looking forward to flossing everyday!

  • Bridget A. Eckert - Really works

    This really does work at keeping things from sticking to it and it truly releases very easily from what ever pan or baking dish your using this in.

  • Jamie B - Sneaky Company, So-So Product

    My first complaint is in the company itself. I don't trust any company that feels the need to automatically charge you for their product, read your contract carefully, they'll charge you for 60 days worth of product after your 30 day trial. They are too worried about making it a sneaky purchase that they wont ask you what color worked best for you, so here's hoping they get it right. ALSO, their credit card form on the site does not have a SSL certificate meaning your card numbers are not safe while making your purchase. Moving on to the product itself: In theory I like it. It took a while for me to get used to it but once I did I could apply it somewhat evenly. The problem is that if you do your eye makeup (liner and mascara) after your foundation you now have empty splotches where you have touched your face, awesome. The whole process takes longer than my normal routine because of the constant washing in between colors but it seems to last longer throughout the day so that's good. The machine clogs even though I wash it consistently as instructed. I personally would not buy this again, it's going to be a $300 machine that sits on my shelf.