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  • Karlee marie - Very iffy

    Lets start with the speakers dont even go that loud, with no option to get better ones. Then the arms are just way too low. When I raise treadmill for incline im almost bending down to reach for arms to change speeds. Plus you can change speed/incline on screen, or on arm handles. They could have kept it simple taking one away, and putting the money into better quality. Who even needs the piece for your chest I dont even know where mine went. To me pointless, because you can measure heartrate with fingers so whats really the point of have two ways to do that, and two ways to change speed, and hight? Why not put the money into better quality or let people be able to at least swap out cheaper parts( like a tv, or louder speakers).Beside that. My first belt had got damaged, and after it says a year warranty they had told me if they felt like it they could drop me from the warranty because it was in my office which they key was hidden so nobody cqn use it. Not to mention not many people were even able to get near it. They did change the belt. But within 6 months of owning it, its already making creeking sounds. Def cheaply designed. Im only writing this with hopes Sole will change there atitudes, and step there game up, because the idea wasent bad. It just could have been budgeted very different.

  • Amazon Customer - Those sales people are so ANNOYING. They won't let you go before you purchase

    You can buy it with 20 bucks if you want. Those sales people are so ANNOYING. They won't let you go before you purchase, and they will keep lower their price. Moreover, this thing is some kind of glue, not dirty things from your pore, do be fooled by it.

  • Ronald M. - better instructions. There was tube with a filter in ...

    better instructions. There was tube with a filter in the tank, had no idea if I should install at the top or bottom of the tank.

  • Jang R - OMG I love this products

    OMG I love this products!! I wish I would have known about this product when my first son was a baby. He used to get real bad diaper rash and I've used the cream our doctor prescribed but this is by far the best! My second son gets diaper rash but if I put this cream once, rashes disappear in a few hours!!

  • Toni G - I like the shape and size of the stir sticks

    These are a novel little product, and overall, I am impressed. The marketing is spot on. I like the shape and size of the stir sticks, and the fact that they aren't just a little pouch you rip and dump in your drink makes them feel like they're worth the price. They are hip and modern looking. They are easy to use, and simple to keep in a purse or bag, and use anywhere. I like that I can caffeinate my morning juice and skip the coffee if I want.