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  • samantharay - The next best thing to fruits and veggies

    I've been taking this for about 4 months now and I can really feel the difference. It's all good. You can check the JuicePlus website and you'll see the research that backed this product as well as what the doctors say about it.

  • Karen Watkins - The book for those of us who are already overwhelmed with stuff to do.

    This book is not only readable... it is also easily applicable. It spoke to my heart and didn't add burden to my life. Some books on organizing your life are good if you are not already overwhelmed. Then you have time to learn and apply what they teach. But "Simplify" is for folks who are already past their limit, overbooked, overwhelmed, exhausted. Very encouraging!

  • P. L. Mclaughlin - Great stuff

    I read all the reviews and this works perfectly and just as described. A little goes a long way is true.

  • Ise F. - Works for us

    This works out great for us, softball games, basketball games, football games etc. It fits up to 8 water bottles with 2 igloo flat ice packs. Good for a couple of water bottles, Gatorade & snacks.

  • Heathermdavis - nice

    I use this everyday. I'm in my late twenties, and suffer from some occasional acne. This isnt oily or drying and smells good. I would recommend this line!

  • Rich - I only wish I could get it at 320k instead of just 256.

    I'm so glad they had this song available as a single download. I just wish they had a little higher bitrate quality

  • Doodles - Wish I'd known about this product years ago.

    I've been using this product now for about ten years and can't see doing my hair without it. I have fairly short hair and also color it. This product even helps with thick hair (which I have) because it gives it weight with body. Without this product by thick hair just wants to lay and kind of go flat. Using this, I'm good to go for days and nights until I'm ready to wash my hair again. I even use it to perk up my hair when it just kind of lays together. Give it that great texture for great styling. Can't imagine ever doing my hair without it. And I love the smell. The girl who cuts my hair tells me my hair always smells so good. Can't beat that when it's due to be washed and yet still has that great Kenra smell. Whether your hair is thick or thin, give it a try and add some real body to your hair.