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City: -87.6272 Illinois, United States

  • Mama gg - This is a great, fun product

    This is a great, fun product. Fits even my not so small fingers:) Hold the polish nicely. I ordered two, one for myself and one I gave as a gift to a friend who loves doing her nails even more than me!! If you need anything, whether normal or hard to find, look on Amazon and you will find it!

  • A.L. - Works!

    This works very well to get rid of plantar works. Make sure you follow the instructions. When freezing, hold the tip on the wart until it really starts to burn and leave it on for another 15 seconds. This kills the virus and creates a blister underneath it so good skin will replace it. You may need to repeat multiple times but it will get rid of them!

  • Happy Guy - Not nearly good enough (especially the maps and pictures) for the price

    It's ok, but not really good enough to keep. It might be ok on a larger screen, but the pages/pictures only enlarge to about double size when spreading and that just isn't enough to make the smaller pictures, maps, and other items usable. This is really just an extension of my main gripe about the magazine. For a National Geographic publication, it is surprising how poor (read microscopic) the maps are. You have an article with many geographical references to places that are not shown on the postage stamp map. Several years ago I took the time to write to the publisher, admonishing them to use larger text and more appropriate maps. I (of course) got no reply and no improvement, but at least I tried. Reading on a Kindle Fire HD 7 (in text view) does solve the text size issue, but the maps and small photos are much less usable than (even) the poor print versions. Still, if the price were reduced by about half, I might subscribe just to be able to easily read the text. Instead, I'll just read the print magazine (which I still somehow subscribe to) when I'm outside in strong sunlight. It's mainly about the pictures (in my opinion) anyway.

  • Saiph - WARNING: Usefulness of Fitbit's Platform Just Took a Nosedive

    This is a lengthy review, for which I apologize. I hope it will help those who are considering purchase to make an informed decision in light of recent developments.

  • Runandrun - Shameful, despicable company

    Dealerships make false claims and Xzilon cowers behind their fine print. NOWHERE IN THE FINE PRINT DOES IT SAY THAT SCRATCHES ARE NOT COVERED, and it absolutely should if this is a company with integrity.