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  • Cecil D. Pruitt - I expected this to be a better tool. The actual college my son applied to ...

    You know. I expected this to be a better tool. The actual college my son applied to listed more and different scholarships than this book listed for his major.

  • miamax415 - Dia De Los Muertos is NOT SEXY!!!

    In 2016, why are companies still selling this crap? Black face is looked down upon, but this is okay? Dia de Los Muertos is NOT SEXY, it is NOT A COSTUME. Please EDUCATE YOURSELVES. Believe me when I tell you that you look like a FOOL wearing this. Dress however you want on Halloween, but STOP using attributes of this sacred day for your ignorant fun. Culture appropriation at its finest!

  • TomLin - Terrible software

    this is the worst program i have used to back up. since the upgrade to 2016 i can no longer sync between folders from my USB and the PC it is connected to. the user interface offers no help, is difficult to use and is not user friendly. Acronis pushes you to subscribe to their cloud service which makes the software not fully functional if you don't. I'll never buy from them again. Not recommended, stay as far away as possible. seek a different software.

  • AmySmiles - Convenient

    Everywhere we take this people ask us what it is and want to know where they can get one. We are frequent travelers so keep this in our car at all times. It's perfect for use at restaurants to avoid those disgusting and dirty high hairs. Plus it has more back support than they do as well. It's very easy to use, fold up conveniently and compactly and seems comfy for baby. The material is wipe able, but if your child is a really messy eater you may find it challenging to clean. It works on most tables. We particularly like to use it in booths and put baby inside the booth rather than on the outer side of the table. I don't like food being passed over my baby's head or people knocking into her as they pass by.