Full-Service CMO ~ cGMP Contract Manufacturing & Development ~ APIs & Drug Product CordenPharma - CordenPharma is a full-service CMO for a global market linking together a legacy of expertise in the cGMP Contract Manufacturing of APIs & Drug Products in multiple facilities across Europe and the US.

  • APIs ~ GMP Contract Manufacturing & Development CordenPharma - API Development and Contract Manufacturing Services including custom APIs, small and large-scale peptides, high potency, small molecules, sterile and generic APIs, building blocks,carboyhydrates and phospholipids
  • API Development ~ R&D, route process and scale-up CordenPharma - API Development from R&D custom synthesis, route process research, scale-up process, optimization, analytical and regulatory filing to validation and commercial manufacturing
  • Generic API cGMP Contract Manufacturing CordenPharma - Contract Manufacturing of Generic APIs for pain management, cardiovascular,gastrointestinal, and anti-infective therapeutic areas.
  • Highly Potent, Potency, Active APIs ~ Intermediates & Peptide APIs CordenPharma - Highly Potent / Highly Active APIs, Intermediates and Peptide APIs with flexibility in size and preparative HPLC capabilities.
  • Sterile APIs GMP Manufacturing CordenPharma - Sterile API GMP Manufacturing including sterile cephalosporins and penicillins
  • Peptides ~ GMP Custom Manufacturing Synthetic Large-scale CordenPharma - Custom GMP synthetic peptide manufacturing from small-scale to metric tons including long sequences such as FuzeonĀ® (enfuvirtide). Services include solvent handling, preparative HPLC and lyophylization. Addtional products include carbohydrates, conjugates, AADs and pseudoproline dipeptide building blocks.
  • Building Blocks for APIs and Peptides ~ AADs, Pseudoprolines CordenPharma - GMP Contract Manufacturing of API and peptide building blocks such as Amino Acid Derivatives (AADs), pseudoprolines, nucleosides, and chiral building blocks.
  • Conjugate Manufacturing ~ Lipids and Peptides, Lipopeptides CordenPharma - cGMP Manufacturing of phospholipid and peptide conjugate products such lipo-peptides
  • Carbohydrate Building Blocks and Conjugates CordenPharma - Multi-kg manufacturing of carbohydrate-derived bulding blocks (monosccharides) and conjugates (glycolipids and glycopeptides)for oligosaccharides.
  • Derivatized Phospholipid Manufacturing, Lipids CordenPharma - Phospholipid derivatives, MPEG-conjugated phospholipids and cationic lipids manufactured in multi-gram to multi-kilogram scale. GMP contract manufacturing of proprietary lipds and standard lipid products also available.
  • Analytical, Validation and Regulatory Customer Support CordenPharma - Analytical, validation and regulatory support services for contracted customers of CordenPharma.
  • Drug Product cGMP Contract Pharma Manufacturing & Development CordenPharma - Drug Product cGMP Contract Manufacturing and Development services including generic drug manufacturing, sterile and hihgly potent oncology formulation, cephalosporin & penicillin manufacturing, parenterals, large pre-filled syringes, sterile and oral oncology, two-layer tablets, clinical trial services, packaging and pharma-logistics.
  • Drug Product Development ~ R&D, Formulation CordenPharma - Drug Product cGMP Development starts with formulations and processes, continues in scale-up optimization, and is supported by expertise in developing solid dosage forms, oral solid dosage forms, and highly potent compounds in advanced formulation manufacturing facilities.
  • Drug Product cGMP Contract Manufacturing CordenPharma - Drug Product cGMP Contract Manufacturing designed for handling sterile powders, lyophilzed vials, oral suspension powders, injectable liquids, solid dose formulations for two-layer tablets, and highly potent substances using formulations of of oncologicals, cephalosporins, penicillins and hormones.
  • Sterile Formulation cGMP Drug Product Manufacturing CordenPharma - Sterile formulation services in FDA / EMA compliant cGMP manufacturing facilities for the sterile filling of solids, liquids and lyophilization, including sterile oncological products.
  • Highly Potent / High Potency Formulation Oncology CordenPharma - GMP Manufacturing of cytotoxic and non-cytotoxic high potency solid and injectable drugs. Expertise in manufacturing oral drug products with hihly potent compounds.
  • Cephalosporin Drug Product GMP Contract Manufacturing CordenPharma - CGMP manufacturing of oral and sterile cephalosporin drug products for the worldwide market.
  • Penicillin Drug Product GMP Contract Manufacturing CordenPharma - CGMP manufacturing of oral and sterile penicillin drug products for the worldwide market.
  • Parenteral Sterile Emulsions in Prefilled Syringes and Vials CordenPharma - cGMP Manufacturing of parenteral sterile emulsions and solutions in prefilled syringes, vials and ampoules with regulatory approval from all major agencies.
  • Large Prefilled Syringes ~ Pre Filled Syringes CordenPharma - Large pre-filled volume syringes manufactured in automatic and semi-automatic inspection lines.
  • Sterile Oncology Formulation ~ Lyophilized Vials, Injectable Liquids CordenPharma - Sterile oncology manufacturing in formulations of sterile lyophilized vials and injectable liquids. cGMP Manufacturing facilities have classified areas for aseptic processing and are fully qualified.
  • Oral Oncology Formulation ~ Capsules, Tablets, Stick Packs, Blister Packaging CordenPharma - Oral oncology formulation technologies for capsules, tablets, stick packs, blister and bottle packaging.
  • Two-layer Tablets ~ Development, Scale-up & Manufacturing CordenPharma - Development, scale-up and manufacturing of two-layer-tablets in a wide variety of shapes on two state-of-the-art tablet presses.
  • Clinical Trial Services ~ R&D, IMP Manufacturing, Labeling, Packaging CordenPharma - Clinical trial services include R&D capabilities up to commercial scale, IMP clinical manufacturing, comparators, label printing, labeling, primary and secondary packaging, analytical/QA service, storage and distribution.
  • Packaging ~ Primary, Secondary, Serialisation CordenPharma - Packaging capabilites include packaging development, serialisation services and primary packaging, as well as secondary packaging of penicillins, cephalosporins, carbapenemics and oncologicals in multi-vial packs, single-vial packs, tablets, capsules, plastic/glass bottles, unit-dose packs and stick packs.
  • Pharma Logistics ~ Distribution, Shipping, Exports CordenPharma - Pharma-Logistics for worldwide shipping distribution, including exports and custom formalities, of all transports (including hazardous materials, temperature controlled tracking and cold temperature supply chain) by road, air and sea.
  • Analytical Development, Validation, Regulatory Customer Support CordenPharma - Analytical development, validation, and regulatory support services for contracted customers of CordenPharma.
  • cGMP Facilities ~ Worldwide CMO CordenPharma - CordenPharma is a full-service CMO for a global market linking together a legacy of expertise in the cGMP Contract Manufacturing of APIs & Drug Product in multiple facilities across Europe and the US.

    Country:, Europe, DE

    City: 8.8658 North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany

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