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  • Michael Douglas - Like sitting through an extended Saturday morning cartoon

    Like sitting through an extended Saturday morning cartoon. Liked the fact that there was more to the story, and see the setup for more, but this was a struggle to say we liked the movie. Wished I had rented it first.

  • Narita Price - Adorable!

    So cute! Both of my kids love this costume. My son is 92cm tall so its quite big on him but we just roll up the pants and sleeves and he's on his way!

  • Linda Roberson - This product works as long as you know how to ...

    This product works as long as you know how to use it. Otherwise you will get a lot of white powder on your face. If you wear makeup, you can cover it with that. Since I don't wear makeup, I've learned to apply a very little (tip of little finger) in the creases that I'm trying to get to plump.

  • Marriland - Generally OK 4K TV, but with annoying black flickering issues

    Got a great deal on this during Amazon's Prime Day, but it has its own set of issues that I've noticed in the roughly two months of owning it. First of all, setting up the TV was a pain — maybe it was poor timing and Samsung's servers were down, but when I was trying to set up the TV for the first time, it was unbelievably slow and wouldn't connect to anything. Even plugging into a wired (powerline) Ethernet connection didn't resolve the issue; in fact, it seemed to make it worse. A few hours later, everything seemed to connect just fine like nothing was wrong, and no, it wasn't an intermittent internet issue that I was having, since every other connection in my house worked just fine.

  • Lauren Hernandez - THESE ARE AMAZING! I have bad allergies in my city and ...

    THESE ARE AMAZING! I have bad allergies in my city and I have lived here 3 years. As soon as I put one of these on before bed I felt like I could breathe better than I've ever been able to before. I slept so well; better than I have since I moved here. Having allergies is draining as is, but on top of restless sleep?! Not fun. So glad a friend recommended these! I've already bought more.