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  • Carlos Thomas - a lot of googling is useful as you read b/c the book lacks a bit ...

    Haven't gone to Iceland yet. using the book as a reference to map out a plan. So far, a lot of googling is useful as you read b/c the book lacks a bit of depth. But gives you some nice things to think about.

  • Metal_Man88 - Beware of flickering screen, poor quality control, nonexistent customer service

    This monitor seems like a good idea at first, and if you're like me, you'll get several months out of it. Then, out of the blue, it'll start to flicker. This monitor, in all its ~10 lbs of glory, will cost you money to ship to their centers to repair it, if you even get that far. When I attempted to get support, it was non-existent. A queue of 5 people was in line ahead of me, and when it came to be my turn, the agent never actually arrived. From that point on, it suggested I request email support. I attempted that, only to be informed email support had been discontinued.

  • Charles W. Gregory - Best Solution for Mopping

    The built-in wringer works great, and the mop itself is nicely absorbent. When you don't need a full-fledged bucket and wringer setup, this is the perfect solution. It just works. Forget the squiffer and others of its ilk, stick with the KISS principle, Keep It Simple and Stupid.

  • RyMo - Fits with Small Modification, Good Trim Finish, Good Build Quality, Great for the Price

    This product had some notches that prevented it from fitting into my Ranger properly. I was forced to do some cutting and forcing to get this to sit properly. The size is correct and the bolt support did line up properly so I will only take away 1 star, even if others would think otherwise. You would think that when you choose your exact vehicle you would not have to do any modifications to a product like this yet the price I paid compared to what I would have spent at an AutoZone or Wal-Mart overrides the cutting I had to do. The pieces I had to remove are behind the radio so it is aesthetically pleasing and the viewer is none-the-wiser to the modification. The "cubby hole" below the radio is not deep at all. Smokers would love it, especially those who smoke 100s as the hole barely fits a pack of cigarettes. The depth is perfect for a pack of 100s as the top does not fit so you can leave the top open and pull out a smoke whenever you get the urge with the opening just tall enough to ensure the pack will not budge even on extremely bumpy roads.Keeping the theme, a pack of kings fits just enough to where the top will not open at all. The cubby seems to get shorter the deeper it goes. Sticking a normal BIC pen in will not work as the width is just right yet the angle will have pens attacking you on every hill incline. Also a BIC pen will just fall to the floor inserting it the other way even if you insert it cap first. It is good, I guess, that it is not deep as my fingers can touch the back without the ability to put my entire finger into the hole, so there's no chance of losing stuff that you put in there. The mount does sit flush with the rest of the dash. It does not look factory as the molding is somewhat "grated" while the rest of the factory dash has a smooth finish. The finish difference does not stand out since the border of the mount is very minimal.

  • ted haslam - really interesting for we liberals to read

    So many parts of the books early chapters are riveting and supported by data selected to support the conundrum of our way of life. We can all see ourselves in this book even if we would like to be beyond its thesis. For once we do not blame our circumstances on racial profiling....however we do slip into a dissection that believes we control our future, we do not live a part of a global world and market, we can hope our way out of it, and that Americans are the ONLY exceptional people in the world. The book speaks to regaining our values without acknowledging that our values were built on colonialism, imperialism, acceptance of minority views if they were kept to themselves, and greed. The book seems to advocate Christian fundamentalism as the basis to American exceptionalism, when it was religious diversity and occasionally unfettered immigration that seems to have been more profound in the success of the American project. Fascinating read however .

  • trendsetter - Very poor customer service

    I ordered Supple with the $9.95 shipping costs. I was very excited to try the product but had adverse reactions to some of the other ingredients. Racing heart, anxiety, etc. These other ingredients were not mentioned when I purchased. I contacted their website 4 times asking a returning email and have been repeatedly ignored. This is an auto-buy every month and I wanted to make sure I am not billed. TERRIBLE customer service!! VERY DISSAPOINTED!!!!

  • Annie - Great study guide with a very detailed science section.

    **First of all, as a disclaimer, I want to state that I recently purchased TWO DIFFERENT HESI guides, and they were both fantastic books, but I can't remember which one had which material in it, and since I'm writing these reviews while at work, away from the books, I'm just having to guess. Both books covered basically the same stuff, so even if I am technically reviewing the OTHER book (which I hope very much that I am not!) this book was just as good as that one, so the review could really work for either. Ha. Sorry, I realized that is very disjointed and doesn't make a ton of sense. Either way, this guide is good. I know that for a fact because BOTH of the HESI guides that I purchased were good. So even if I am reviewing the wrong book, I can accurately say that they are both great guides. Now, on to the review.**