Executive Drug Rehab | Private Drug Rehab | Crossroads Antigua - Eric Clapton\'s Crossroads Residential drug treatment center provides individuals alcohol & drug addiction recovery in a confidential intensive

  • About | Crossroad Centre Antigua - The goal of Crossroads Centre is to help each client and there families recover from addiction through therapy, family and aftercare programs.
  • History of Crossroads Centre | Crossroad Centre Antigua - Eric Clapton, founder of Crossroads, an internationally known addiction treatment center, had the vision of providing top notch therapy to people around the
  • Professional Memberships | Crossroad Centre Antigua - An international treatment Centre, Crossroads has membership in the NAATP, NAADC, and EATA.
  • About Antigua | Crossroad Centre Antigua - Antigua, an English speaking country known for its beaches with weather from 70-90 degrees, is one hour ahead of Eastern Standard Time and requires a US
  • Our Team | Crossroad Centre Antigua - The treatment team at Crossroads are trained and experienced professionals offering the highest level of care while catering to each individual client.
  • How Are We Different? | Crossroad Centre Antigua - The staff, high quality treatment at low costs, staff to client ratio, location along with approach to recovery all make Crossroads a unique addiction treatment
  • Traveling to Crossroads Centre, Antigua | Crossroad Centre Antigua - There are regular flights to the island of Antigua from Canada, United Kingdom, and the United States with a valid passport.
  • Frequently asked questions | Crossroad Centre Antigua - Travel, food, costs, size of facility, methods of payment, insurance and competitors prices are all common questions when seeking out an addiction treatment
  • Our Approach to Recovery | Crossroad Centre Antigua - An addiction treatment center that incorporates mind, body, and spirit with the twelve steps Crossroads Centre provides the tools needed for people in early
  • Phases of Treatment | Crossroad Centre Antigua - The five phases of treatment at Crossroads include detox, following a catered treatment plan, aftercare planning and discharge, following up with all clients
  • Chemical and Nicotine Dependency | Crossroad Centre Antigua - Addiction to drugs and alcohol is addressed through a medical detox and twelve step treatment program that lasts 4-6 weeks concentrating on mind, body and
  • Complementary Therapies | Crossroad Centre Antigua - Along with various forms of therapy Crossroads provides daily fitness, meetings with a nutritionist, massage therapy, yoga, auricular acupuncture and spiritual
  • Transitional Living | Recovery Residences | Crossroad Centre Antigua - Crossroads feels going to transitional living after addiction treatment is often the next appropriate step. Crossroads owns the Sanctuary at Delray Beach.
  • Family Program | Crossroad Centre Antigua - A free family program is perfect to help family members learn about their loved ones addiction and what they can do to help during their recovery process.
  • Program Costs | Crossroad Centre Antigua - Crossroads Antigua treatment program fees for Residential Services, Family Program and Renewal Programs.
  • Admissions - Asking for Help | Crossroad Centre Antigua - Crossroads makes the admissions process easy and begins with an assessment over the phone after which a person can be admitted to the Crossroads facility in 1-2
  • Admissions Package | Crossroad Centre Antigua - Eric Clapton's Crossroads Residential drug treatment center provides individuals alcohol & drug addiction recovery in a confidential intensive therapeutic
  • What Family Members Need to Know | Crossroad Centre Antigua - The Crossroads staff will openly talk family members and answer questions pertaining to their loved ones recovery including what to expect after addiction
  • For the Alumni | Crossroad Centre Antigua - The extensive alumni program provided by Crossroads Antigua has numerous programs and avenues to help alumni stay in touch and ensure that their sobriety stays
  • Alumni Services | Crossroad Centre Antigua - The alumni services program helps new graduates re-entering the world stay sober by connecting them with sober support and twelve step support groups in the
  • Tips for Newcomers | Crossroad Centre Antigua - Working with a sponsor, going to meetings, and getting a support group in a twelve step group are all suggestions for the newcomer in early recovery.

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