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  • FRAXIS - Cryomed - Fraxis Duo is the ideal combination of fractional CO2 and micro-needling RF for resurfacing and deep collagen stimulation NOW with GynoLaser for women.
  • Pastelle Q-Switched Laser - Cryomed - The Pastelle is the Gold Standard in Q-Switched Laser Technology for the treatment of epidermal and dermal pigmented lesions now with Dye HP 585nm & 660nm.
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  • MERCURY LONG-PULSE - Cryomed - Aileen Plus is the most advanced Long Pulse Nd:YAG system that treats a wide range of dermatological and cosmetic needs with consistently excellent results.
  • Secret RF - Micro-Needle Fractional RF System - Cryomed - The Secret RF Fractional Micro-Needling System is the newest, groundbreaking technology for lifting, tightening and rejuvenation with virtually no downtime.
  • Cryo Broadlight "CBL" IPL - Cryomed - The Cryo Broadlight, or CBL, is the best of IPL technology in one device. Essential 6 cut-off filters allows you to treat indications with superior results.
  • Cryo-jet - Chilled Air Delivery System - Cryomed - Cryo-Jet chilled air delivery system CryoJet supercools the skin and takes the sting out of treatments.

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  • Fran - not just for regular dry skin

    I am going through radiation treatments for breast cancer. My doc first gave me a greasy ointment, aquaphor, a vasaline type product. But he said I could try a cream, and after trying other samples I discovered Gold Bond Ultimate. OMG, it WORKED! It is cool and healing and the most wonderful product I have tried. I need to shower it off before I get the treatment, and then as soon as I get home I slather it on a few times a day and before bedtime. It softened the burned skin right away. Its been wonderful. Not sure if I will be able to use it if my burns start to blister, but the doc said it might help speed the healing and prevent the skin from drying too much during the last weeks of radiation. Wish the american cancer society had suggested this and not make us going through suffering this painful treatment side effect, when there is a product like this available, over the counter, not a prescription. Anyone else use it for this?


    First, this arrived leaking. They ship the sprayer in the bottle, so there's no protection keeping the liquid inside.