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  • Neil D. Goldstein - So far so good. Third month and counting

    I have an old Buick Century that I use as a local runabout, and to run to the train station and back each day (3 miles each way). I noticed the early signs of a bad head-gasket at about 195,000 miles (heat dependant on engine speed, temperature erratic). Then it started to overheat. I caught it before doing any serious damage and brought it to my mechanics (where I originally purchased it with about 160K on it). This has been a great, and loyal car. It filled my needs when I needed cheap wheels, and it makes a great station car now, but for what a 99 Century with almost 200K is worth, it didn't make sense to do a head job on it. They quoted me $1900 for a used engine installed, but that was also crazy, as the transmission could kick the bucket a week after replacing the engine.

  • Kindle Customer - Interesting short story

    I enjoyed thus short story to learn the authors style. The story is easy to read. I enjoyed the suspense with a little humor mixed in to bring awareness of discrimination still happening today. I look forward to reading more works by this author.

  • Marc - Brilliant

    Seeing as nobody has yet reviewed the 2012 vinyl edition, I thought I'd be the first. To start, it's a phenomenal reissue, despite the price tag (nearly $50). Anyway, the artwork is nearly identical to the original 1979 release, and the vinyl is 180 grams. It's a very good pressing, with no unwanted surface noise. Great dynamics too. Don't be fooled by the poorly pressed DSOTM release from a few months back; this is pretty much as good as vinyl reissues get. Also included is a new poster, which is probably around five by five feet. It contains all of the lyrics to the album printed over a brick overlay, much like the cover. It's a very nice touch. Anyway, don't let the hefty price tag deter you from purchasing this. It really is a quality product and the music is absolutely brilliant.