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Podophyllin - Thuốc chữa bệnh sùi mào gà - Tự chữa sùi mào gà tại nhà hiệu quả cao không tái phát điều trị dứt điểm - Cách điều trị chữa bệnh sùi mào gà ở nam giới và nữ giới triệt để không tái phát . Tự chữa trị tại nhà bằng thuốc bôi podophyllin 25% xuất sứ thái lan. Podophyllin - Thuốc chữa bệnh sùi mào gà - Tự chữa sùi mào gà tại nhà hiệu quả cao không tái phát

Country:, Asia, VN

City: 106.3456 Tinh Tra Vinh, Vietnam

  • Douglas R. Hofstetter - Not just for boat and RV storage!

    This stuff works great! Do you use an open box of baking soda in your refrigerator to keep odors from forming? Same concept here. Although many use it during boat or RV storage, I use it every summer in my boat as well. When the boat is not in use it is sealed up with the mooring cover making the interior a perfect place for condensation cycles that allow mildew to form. This product effectively reduces the humidity in this confined space eliminating condensation cycles in that space which can cause corrosion of metal parts and odors related to the formation of mildew. I place a single container in the space between the cabin sole (Interior floor of boat) and outer hull (Inside bilge/storage area) and let it absorb any moisture caused by high humidity or the storage of damp items in that space. I generally go through about 3 of these containers in one season (4 months). I don't see any reason why it would also not work in the main cabin area for those with larger boats and "Cutty"or "weekender" style boat cabins. It is an odorless solution to eliminate high humidity on confined spaces. This is a very cheap solution to keep odors and mildew at bay in confined spaces that get little or no natural air circulation.

  • Mr Mastema - Not the Miracle

    Worked ok but it doesn't seem to be the miracle the TV ads say it is. Plus you get a tiny bottle for $20. Don't think I will buy it again.

  • Twinmom424 - Great Advent Calendar

    These calendars are great, they are complete toys in each day of the 25 days. My son loves to build them before school. With Amazon Prime the pricing is better than the Lego Store in the mall, or online.