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Danish Diabetes Academy | Grants, Events & Publications - OUH Odense - The Academy constitutes an original platform for a national diabetes research strategy that is rational and science-based, and which will ensure both basic and clinical research in diabetes.

  • http://danishdiabetesacademy.dk/pr/annual-reports Annual reports | Danish Diabetes Academy - The annual report, including annual accounts and status of Academy initiatives of the current year, is released by the Danish Diabetes Academy at the end of each fiscal year.
  • http://danishdiabetesacademy.dk/pr/press-releases Press releases | Danish Diabetes Academy - Below you can download press releases and see the press coverage related to the Danish Diabetes Academy: 2015  Release of the Annual Day 2015 award winners:Danish Diabetes Academy news article 181115Related press coverage: 
  • http://danishdiabetesacademy.dk/pr/article-reviews Article reviews | Danish Diabetes Academy - Here you can find links to reviews or resumés from our News archive of selected articles published by our funded Professors, PhD -and Post Doc fellows or articles published as a result of one of our workshops:
  • http://danishdiabetesacademy.dk/pr/award-winners Danish Diabetes Academy award winners | Danish Diabetes Academy - Each year at the Annual Meeting of the Danish Diabetes Academy the following awards are granted:
  • http://danishdiabetesacademy.dk/pr/recorded-webinars Recorded webinars | Danish Diabetes Academy - The Danish Diabetes Academy is now offering new ways of mediating knowledge in terms of short online introductory webinars using Adobe Connect with the purpose of introducing a wide range of diabetes related topics. Below you can see the recordings of our previously broadcasted webinars.
  • http://danishdiabetesacademy.dk/pr/conference-highligts Conference highligts | Danish Diabetes Academy - Highligts from relevant diabetes conferences, symposia and courses reported by members of the Danish Diabetes Academy will be published on the website shortly after the given event.Each event has its own menu option as appears from the menu outline to the right.
  • http://danishdiabetesacademy.dk/pr/conference-highligts/ada-2016 Highlights from ADA 2016 | Danish Diabetes Academy - Here is what our members Andreas Brønden, Niels Jessen, Dorte Møller Jensen, Peter Rossing, Reimar W. Thomsen, Susanne Mandrup and Thomas Mandrup-Poulsen reported about their experience from different sessions at the American Diabetes Association's 76th Scientific Sessions that took place in New Orleans on 10-14 June 2016. 
  • http://danishdiabetesacademy.dk/pr/conference-highligts/easd-2016 Highlights from EASD 2016 | Danish Diabetes Academy - On September 12-16, 2016, the Danish Diabetes Academy participated with a stand at the 52nd EASD Annual Meeting in Munich, Germany. We thank the visitors to our booth and look forward to following up on your inputs and invitations to cooperate with us.
  • http://danishdiabetesacademy.dk/pr/conference-highligts/summer-school-2016 Highlights from Summer School 2016 | Danish Diabetes Academy - On September 6-9, 2016, a total of 82 PhD students, prominent national and international speakers and guests attended the Summer School on Diabetes and Metabolism held at Sinatur Hotel Gl. Avernæs in Ebberup.
  • http://danishdiabetesacademy.dk/pr/conference-highligts/winter-school-2016 Highlights from Winter School 2016 | Danish Diabetes Academy - On March 14-18, 2016, a total of 76 Post Doc fellows, third-year PhD students and prominent national and international speakers attended the Winter School on Diabetes and Metabolism with focus on different aspects of epidemiology and diabetes ranging from basic to clinical science. THE FOLLOWING TOPICS WITHIN EPIDEMIOLOGY AND DIABETES WERE COVERED
  • http://danishdiabetesacademy.dk/grants Grants | Danish Diabetes Academy - The main objectives of the Danish Diabetes Academy are to enhance the quality of Danish diabetes research by creating a world-class research and education environment and to build up a platform of networking and knowledge sharing between national and international researchers within diabetology. Our grants are only awarded the most excellent science, scientists and scientific events.
  • http://danishdiabetesacademy.dk/grants/phd-0 PhD grants | Danish Diabetes Academy - Collaboration with a number of universities on the application and evaluation procedure has been initiated in order to ensure faster enrolment and avoid double evaluation of the PhD candidates. Applicants have to be aware of the fact that specific requirements can vary from one university to another e.g. required research experience and publication of articles in peer-reviewed journals.
  • http://danishdiabetesacademy.dk/grants/post-doc-0 Postdoctoral fellowships | Danish Diabetes Academy - The Danish Diabetes Academy calls for 1-year postdoctoral fellowship applications within the field of diabetes and metabolism. Only one 1-year scholarship, aimed at candidates who have obtained their PhD degree within the last 12 months wishing to pursue a research carreer within diabetes, is available.
  • http://danishdiabetesacademy.dk/grants/professorship Professorship in Molecular Biology of Diabetes Pathogenesis or Metabolic Diseases | Danish Diabetes Academy - The Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at the Faculty of Science, University of Southern Denmark (SDU) is seeking to recruit a professor in Molecular Mechanisms of Diabetes Pathogenesis or Metabolic Diseases. The professorship is funded by a grant from the Danish Diabetes Academy (DDA). This is an exciting opportunity for an outstanding established investigator to play a leading role in an expanding diabetes research programme at a leading Danish university.
  • http://danishdiabetesacademy.dk/grants/jdrf-training JDRF Training Awards | Danish Diabetes Academy - JDRF is a global funding agency with a substantial proportion of its grants awarded outside the United States. They encourage all qualified researchers interested in addressing the scientific and clinical challenges and gaps to cure type 1 diabetes and its complications to apply for funding. JDRF encourages submission of innovative, high-risk/high-reward, field-changing research proposals to accelerate its mission and is requesting applications for the following JDRF Training Awards match funded by the Danish Diabetes Academy:
  • http://danishdiabetesacademy.dk/grants/visiting-scientist Visiting Scientist | Danish Diabetes Academy - With the purpose of fostering collaboration between Danish and International research groups in the field of diabetes research, Danish Diabetes Academy allocates 3 scholarships for the years 2016 and 2017 covering salary, travel and accommodation expenses to international diabetes scientists visiting a Danish research group for a period of 6 months or less.
  • http://danishdiabetesacademy.dk/grants/events Event support | Danish Diabetes Academy - One of the main objectives of the Danish Diabetes Academy is to build up a platform of networking and knowledge sharing to enhance the quality of diabetes research in Denmark. Accordingly, the Academy supports workshops/joint lab meetings/courses/seminars arranged in collaboration with diabetes researchers throughout Denmark, provided that the Academy is displayed as main organiser of the given event.
  • http://danishdiabetesacademy.dk/grants/exchange-visits Exchange travel grants | Danish Diabetes Academy - A number of exchange grants, intended to stimulate new collaborations between scientists in Denmark and abroad and to enable young scientists and clinicians to travel and stay at other institutions in order to learn different scientific techniques related to diabetes, are available for PhD students and Post Doc fellows.

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