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  • Lo-gun - If only it worked as good as it looks.

    I'm giving two stars because while the product looks fantastic installed, it seriously degraded my radio reception. I swapped the stock OEM antenna with this one several times and The Stubby consistently delivered a 30% decrease in reception quality. Too bad because it really is a gorgeous antenna. But if it don't work, what's the point?

  • Celia Minott - Good stuff

    The scent is pretty strong, but I did notice about a half inch difference after 4 weeks. Make the scalp fell good. I like it.

  • gwb1943 - fungal soap

    This is a good body wash to use but you need to get some deodorant to go with it. It has a strong pine tar scent that has a lingering odor for some time after using it. The first time I used it, my wife came into the bedroom and the first thing she said was, what's that stink????? When I told her, she said that she didn't think that she would be able to stay in there with me. Out came the air freshener and deodorant.

  • James Matthew Miller - Disappointed

    This is a bottom shelf product. Fit for children perhaps. The bowl is much smaller than I'm accustomed to. The brush is definitely a cheap synthetic, and my stand arrived broken. I would consider this a toy more than a set of grooming tools.

  • ggh1960 - My favorite tool!

    I ordered this and i have been using this for many years to just get small hair on my face and other places. I like that it has a light and the fact that the hair will not grow back thicker after you use it. It is better than using a razor and it does not cut you either.It uses 1 AAA battery and that comes with it .Not a bad deal, you will pay more buying it at the store.

  • Greg McManus - So far it works well. Read the instructions carefully ...

    So far it works well. Read the instructions carefully...and you'll have no problem. Make sure the pen is mounted and stable otherwise video is rather jumbled.

  • A. Collins - My daughter (high school) loves this. She might actually ...

    My daughter (high school) loves this. She might actually use it. I figured as long as she has it out coloring in it, she might actually right her assignments in it. Hey, a parent can dream, right?