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  • Marvin M. Reiter - Continually a most outstanding publication.

    Adding the ability to read and enjoy the New Yorker magazine in the iPad application allows the reading of the articles whenever you have downtime.

  • B.M. - A swamp in the swamp

    I love Gummi Bears. They are God’s sweet nectar. What I did not know is that, like all things that are good in this world, they have an equally evil counterpart, the Haribo Sugar-Free Gummy Bears. While I understand that balance is necessary in a morally mixed world, I had no idea how much horror evil could cause, especially one with such a happy, smiling bear-like face. Now, I know. This evil counterpart is clearly one of Lucifer’s sycophants, cleverly disguised in a childlike, gelatinous form.

  • Krista Edmonds - Can't get tattooed without this product!

    Totally helps my tattoo healing process and seems like they heal twice as fast. I am working on a huge back piece so this product feels nice, no build up, and immediately absorbs into skin. I recommend it for anyone getting tattoos regularly that values a great product.

  • Ryan - Some problems with the game

    Pretty good game. I only been playing it for 2 days, but there are some problems I've noticed with this.

  • Shane - Dont buy the negative hype

    I almost passed on this machine due to the "it doesnt blend smoothies just right and leaves em grainy and gritty" reviews.

  • Duchess of Dreams - My new fave headphones

    I'm loving these. Paired quickly with my iPhone 4s and the middle (Goldilocks)size feels great in my ears and solid. Sound is good too, maybe because I am not always fidgeting with trying to seat the buds better. I wish my iPod shuffles had bluetooth so I could use it with them. When I'm stacking firewood I have to wrap the long cords of my conventional ear buds around my neck a couple of times and hook the iPod to my hat and I still catch the cords and rip the buds out a few times. Now I will use these and listen to the tunes on my phone. SO cool. Also you could easily use just the right bud and hang the left one if you wanted to do the one ear phone thing and hear the surroundings as well. I could use a similar ear piece for my other bluetooth ear pieces that I use for the phone as well. I may not use the others ever again or only when this one is charging. I couldn't see any questions that answered this so I will just say that you can stop and start music, answer and hang up calls, redial the last number, mute the mic and back and forward tracks besides the obvious volume up and down. This the the one!

  • vincent - Probably the only knife I will ever need.

    Very comfortable grip. Blade is broad and sharp. Sheath it came with was marked 293 but this is simply the number for the version with the gut-hook. Sheath is snug and captive but only vertical carry as manufactured. Comes in a nice smalll box instead of the big plastic monstrosity Cabellas sells it in.