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  • Shane - Maptitude is one of the best spatial modeling programs that I have encountered so far ...

    Maptitude is one of the best spatial modeling programs that I have encountered so far through my experience in GIscience. Caliper has a wonderful customer service that is very quick to respond when you need something. I highly recommend to anyone learning GIsystems to give Maptitude a try. The visuals and array of tools is incredible. Highly recommended.

  • tara pastore - Great quick lunch break workout

    In exchange for an unbiased product review, I was given a Simply Fit exercise Board free of charge. As a healthy 45 year old working mom on the go (with no time for exercise) this product seemed like the right product to fit into my schedule. I figured that Some exercise is certainly better than No exercise! The instructional DVD was helpful as well as easy to follow. Within 2 weeks I was able to progress to many of the “floor” exercises as well as the basic balancing exercises. I feel great these days and have been able to fit “my workout into my work schedule. I keep it in the trunk of my car -- sometimes I use it on my lunch break or at the end of the work day for a quick energy boost. As a matter of fact, I am far more productive in my sales career than ever before. It has to be that my demeanor and attitude are so positive these days and it can be attributed to my exercise schedule and my “Simply Fit Board”. The board is bright green and made out of a very thick resin-like material. Its really firm and sturdy I have been really tough on it (throwing it in my trunk, the kids playing and spinning on it, etc…) but it shows no signs of breaking.

  • avirtualcfo - Updated 7/4/2016-Amazon Video Support for this 2016 Model

    Amazon Video is not supported for this 2016 model TV according to Amazon customer service. We are unable to even get to an Amazon sign in screen and have spent 2 hours on the phone with both Samsung and Amazon each stating it is not their issue. After discussing with Samsung and performing factory resets I was directed to call Amazon because it was a software issue. When calling Amazon, the customer service rep said they were unable to authorize a new download of the app to the TV and I had to talk to Samsung because the 2016 model was not a supported model. After expressing my displeasure, the condescending comment I received was "Are you finished talking?" and "There is nothing further we can do for you". Wow.

  • Mike Johnson - Volsmart dosnt exist as a company

    Volsmart appears to be a ghost company. Zero ability to contact. Unit has potential but software glitches are constant (freezing, flickering, jumping from multiple screens on its own)This product needs to be removed from amazon. Will be returning after I pull all the wiring fromm backup camera which is a lot of labor.

  • E. Scoles - Good results

    This is a pretty effective workout regime. My wife & I have been doing it together, and even without slavishly following the schedule (we never do the "double friday") we've seen great results. This is not likely to get you ripped, but if you follow it reasonably conscientiously, it will likely reshape your body and improve your strength and stability. It's not making us look like greek gods/goddesses, but it's making us feel stronger.

  • Jennie Grace - My Summer Experiment

    I have had the very best "experiment" going this summer after I read the "Earthing" book. I would say it has changed my life significantly. As suggested in the book, I have made a conscious effort to make more direct contact with the EARTH--either by barefooting it or sitting on the ground, etc. I am sleeping so well it is down right scary! Last night-7 1/2 hours without even going to the bathroom! (Haven't had one of those little sleep-aids in a month now.) Besides that, the inflammation in my body in the form of aches and pains in the arthritic areas has been greatly reduced. I have become a true believer in this theory.

  • 53Coolbreeze - liquid detox

    Excellent!!! It worked for me,did the two tablets 5 hrs before had to take test then about an hr before i had to take test i drank the one 8 oz liquid grape flavor,had to wait an hr at the med care place so i was about 2 and a half hrs before i got to pee but also id been drinking cranberry juice and water for three weeks with no partaking for 3 weeks and no sodas for a month!! ive been smoking weed for thirty yrs so cleaning out was muchmuch more than just 30 days all i can say is i passed with shock and got the job!!! if needed i would use it again!!