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  • theGraduateStudent - The smell outweighs the benefit for me

    I will not be speaking to how this product functions - I've only had the car three weeks and its too early to tell. However what I can say for those of you who are considering coating this on the inside - please take the time to smell the interior of a car that has had this product recently applied. I did not, and when I got into my new bimmer, I almost heaved. It was unbelievable, and three weeks of wiping the seats and applying deodorizers have yet to have an impact. I would happily wax my car twice a year and kept my new car smell in exchange.

  • Jenny - Not for everyone

    I did the full 10 days and followed the recipes to the "T". The first 6 days I really felt awful, the next 4 I just felt "ok". I really don't eat many carbs, sugar, dairy or consume much caffeine so I thought this would be a breeze. At the end if the 10 days I felt no different, only lost a couple of lbs and the labor intensiveness of this program for this working mom really wore me out. This was not for me... Oh, and the morning smoothies were terrible