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  • Shannon Mitchell - the quaility is good

    it was perfectly comfortable and can be worn in either ear for long periods. Set up was really easy . It paired with my smartphone (iPhone 5c) immediately and reconnects effortlessly every time. The range away from the phone is about 11 metres or so. Sound quality is just fine for speech . It has been used in conjunction with a GPS navigation smartphone app and instructions when driving are clear without being excesively loud. The main use is for phone calls and, likewise, the quaility is good. It seems reasonably immune from noise pickup and other parties have had no difficulty understanding the conversation even when used in a noisey vehicle. Battery life is an impresive 6 hours talk time (much longer when idle) and recharge time is short.

  • whoviantrish - My hair is growing!

    I bought this about a month ago. I've been trying like mad to get my hair to grow longer. I've been through an extremely stressful year and a half and it's taken its toll on me. I am of Irish decent and have ridiculously thick and extremely curly hair. When I was younger it reached my waist. But the past year I couldn't get it to grow beyond the bottom of my shoulders. I've tried just about everything! I stopped using heat, I stared co-washing and using a cotton tshirt instead of a towel. I'm taking an absurd amount of vitamins and supplements like fish oil and biotin. I'm trying to drink more water. I hate it though so that part still needs work. I even bought a silk pillow case. Everyone should have a silk pillowcase... It's so heavenly to rest my weary head on. But anyway i wasn't noticing any change! Then i stumbled upon this on someone's YouTube channel and decided to try it. Now my hair is much longer!! I'm not sure how much but it's grown from just below my shoulders to FINALLY reaching passed my bra strap on my back!! I'm so happy!!! And i haven't been using this religiously, either. What i do is apply it to the tips of my fingers and try not to get it on my hair and just massage it into my scalp. I don't notice any tingly sensation or anything. But it doesn't feel weird or icky. Just make sure you massage it all in. This stuff has the consistency of vaseline. It smells much better than that though. I'm going to keep using it. I thought I'd want my hair the length it is now but I've changed my mind. If i can get it close to my waist I'll be very happy! I hope this helps.

  • Kyle Smith - A Wonderful Products

    I started taking Flexoplex about two and a half weeks ago. I cannot believe that within two weeks, I have stopped experiencing the intense burning and cracking in my joints! Flexoplex has relieved all of the pain from my joints. It has changed my life. My wife's sister told me about it andI am so happy she did.