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  • Music Lover in Omaha - This is the only theory that makes sense

    So then Cliff De Young explains why the rotation of the Earth is slowing down. Actually he explains why it might be slowing down. Apparently they couldn't measure it in any way so none of our crack scientists know for sure even though they have it timed down to the moment when it will stop. Then he makes the statement that this is the only theory that makes sense. I had to go back and replay his explanation of the black hole causing the Earth's rotation to slow and it still made absolutely no sense at all. None. Okay, we're beyond that, let's discuss acting. Well, there wasn't much in this film to discuss. It was horrible. Special effects? Oh man!!! Other reviewers mentioned the hail storm where basball size hail was falling all over and the guy was actually swerving the car to miss them as they fell. That's some sweet driving. Unfortunately not sweet enough though, for out of these giant pieces of hail, one, about an inch wide it appears from the damage to the windshield does find its mark, and hits the glass, then rips a hole in the driver's chest that looks like the creature from Alien just came out of him. Some lucky cast members were "raptured" prior to the great disaster. Why wasn't the missionary raptured? She was the most God fearing person in the film, totally devoted and faithful, yet she was left behind. Maybe it was to help fulfill the prophecy, but really... That wasn't right. Ultimately, the moment comes when all light is extinguished on Earth, then the girl gives birth and the light comes back out. Okay, we lost the West Coast, but other than that, Earth came out of this disaster pretty good. Well, they did use the last 24 hours to completely evacuate the entire West coast. Yeah, right. Well, on the good side, Amy Dolenz was nice to look at. The bottom line here is that this film will leave you wondering: If there really is a God, would he allow mankind to make movies this bad?

  • J. C - Feels more like work than a game

    I've played Diablo 1 and 2. Now that I have had over 300 hours of gaming in Diablo 3, I have to say this game is not good at all.

  • Phantasmagoria - Improved graphics and sound

    The ridiculous rhythms offered up in the latest Just Dance can be a challenge on harder settings. The Wii U pad is used to DJ the session allowing switching of songs midway etc. You do need Wii Remotes to play this game at all as they are the only method of control. The songlist is decidedly up to date with many current chart toppers that will appeal to the tween and teen set. There aren't enough old school disco type jams for my taste but the songs are aimed at appealing to the games demographic most. There is a free DLC of Katy Perry's Roar moves. The sound is great through a home theater set up and the graphics look extra sharp and vibrant on the Wii U. These games could use a makeover but for now it will please the dance game fanatic in your house.

  • GrannyJanS - When the truth is inconvenient, don't bother to use it

    One of my main impressions about this book was how evasive the main characters seem. It's understandable that Liz doesn't want to explain that she spent time in prison, but that dishonesty seemed to lead to lots of half-truths and then to illegal activities.

  • ratmom - I swear by this system and it was made by the Father of dentistry

    I havebusedbthis system for about 2yrs and my teeth are so white. Recently I broke my front tooth and I had to have a crown and veneer on the other. He had to pick the whitest color there was to match my other teeth. My dentist asked me what kind of toothpaste I used and I said SUPERSMILE! Your prices are better than anywhere else... QVC and infomercial.I'm so glad I looked it up on Amazon.