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  • coffeedrinker - Great solid bike

    I bought this for my 12 year old son based on a coworkers recommendation, he rode BMX bikes for years. WOW both of us were pleased, me with how well it was built and him for the fun and looks. He won't stop riding it !!!!! Also great price. One thing you should know is that this should be put together by a BMX bike shop to have it adjusted properly, cost for this was $40.00. You can do it yourself, but it was worth the piece of mind to have PROS build it.

  • P. H. - Fits like a glove, easy to install

    Everything they say about this little safe is true. I have the combo lock model. Installation was as described. There is plenty of room for my S&W 640, several holsters and some tools. I attached a holster to the left inside of the safe to hold the 640 in upright in place. I definitely feel comfortable leaving my valuables in the truck in a parking lot. Good product.

  • Chance - Amazing Gadget

    Who thought such a cool device could cost so little? Its amazing :) Takes great video,easy to load on computer and arrived fast. I would recomend it to anyone :)

  • Bug Girl - Too expensive

    I want a home version of office 2013 and I want to pay a reasonable price for that. I downloaded office 2013, but it forces you to buy the sky drive. The sky drive is 9.99 per month, but I already have a back up service I like with 10 times more space for the same price. If you don't a back up service, you may like Sky Drive. I just want the program without sky drive at the same reasonable price. I am using windows 8, I will not buy office 2010, it is already out dated. I was able to use the trail version of office 2013, and add tags to my documents, but when you convert your documents from docx files to the new file format of office 13, (which I can even figure out the name of that extension, you can't open them in computers that don't have office 2013.)

  • Amazon Customer - Don't worry... Be hairy....

    NOOOO!!!! don't do it!! don't do it!!! Not worth it!! Skin looks great for a day or 2 then BAM!!! rash city, totally irritated skin, wish I'd never gotten the stuff! One application, rest in the trash....

  • Old Fella - A nice tool!

    Now this tool I really do like! Light, easy to use, easy to switch uses. Have a lot of edging and weeding to do, but managed it all on one charge. I'm an old man, and my shoulders can't handle the heavier gas model edger/weeder anymore.

  • tkmom - Most enjoyable

    Fabulous book of two young girls faced with many hardships who encourage each other to continue in their success. Life offers them so many obstacles and yet they continue to strive for success. I highly recommend this book.