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  • Rick Kelly - As good as Truefitt & Hill

    For a great shave and smooth skin, The Art of Shaving offers a superior product. This shaving cream is as good as Truefitt & Hill, which is the only other shaving cream I have used, and is supposed to be the cream of the crop(pun intended.) If you look at the ingredients (formula) both companies use, they are basically the same, and listed in the same order. Of course, as with any of these shaving creams, to get the best shave possible you should use a quality brush. I use a premium grade badger brush. I initially used a silver tip badger brush that a friend lent me before I purchased mine, and found no noticeable difference. Regardless of whether or not you use a brush, I believe you will be very satisfied using this product.

  • noemi locastro - These are AMAZING!!

    These are AMAZING!!! I never write reviews on anything, even when quality exceeds my expectations. These fit so well in my ears. I sweat so much and do a bunch of cardio and they stay put! There's a mechanism to them; once you place them in the ear, you twist them so that the corner of the rubber triangle fits in the fold of the ear. Hard to explain...but I didn't do this at first and they weren't as stable. Music sounds great, and I actually like the fact that there isn’t any audio control. It is loud!! Dubstep is great with these. Worth the price!!!!

  • DEBBIE SKELLEY - Cheaply made

    I purchased this for my grandson who is 7. He used it for two days and it broke. He hit a foul ball and it hit the machine. It cracked the plastic piece. The next day the whole thing stopped working. I wrote to customer service but didn't even get a response. I would think it should last longer than 2 days with a 7 year old using it.

  • Zoltana - Great all natural, sulfate-free shampoo

    This is my first review for a product but I feel strongly about it. My hair was coming out in huge clumps and thinned out noticeably. I haven't yet gotten official blood work done for my hair loss but my guess is it's from iron or vitamin deficiency from years of not eating meat. In conjunction with taking iron & biotin my hair loss has decreased significantly. Whether it is this product alone (also using the grow new hair treatment) or in conjunction with my vitamin intake remains to be seen. However, I went from losing over 200 hairs to maybe about 10 each hair wash.