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  • Lets Passoni - Not impress.....

    I don't know if I was expecting too much. I have baby fine hair and I think that is why the brush pulled a lot of hair. It really straight the hair but is not a substitute for a flat iron. You must be careful using this tool, I burned my fingers and hand. To be another tool different than a flat iron, I prefer the in style brush.

  • Tommy Nichols - This should have been OEM installed by Ram

    This is what should have been OEM installed on my 2016 Ram 2500. Looks very nice along beside the aluminum diesel cap I also bought.

  • Amazon Customer - The handle is very sturdy and well-made

    The handle is very sturdy and well-made. My 30 oz rtic still fits in my Nissan armada's cup holder. It adds beauty to the tumbler, too.

  • MiamiBob - Still Great Protection Software for All Devices

    I have been using Norton 360 to protect my desktop and laptop for years without any major issues. With my recent purchase of a Netbook and a Kindle Fire HD, I have moved to the Multi-Device version of the software. It easily installed on my 2 desktops, my laptop and Netbook but did not download easily to my Kindle Fire. A version of the software installed from the App Store but I am not sure it was the correct version. I had no performance issues on any of the devices. I wish Norton would price their subscription renewal at a reasonable rate so I don't have to purchase the product as new each year to save over $40.

  • Maclana M. - Great!!!

    Great!!! I got it like a month ago and still havn't had to charge it. It has charged my phone all the way 5 times now.

  • L. Carol McConnaughey - Forgot whether or not I liked it!

    This was ordered over four years ago. I've forgotten whether or not I liked it....don't wait so long to ask!

  • sabado - Zantrex 3 with Oxydrene

    I have used Zantrex 3 in the past (blue bottle) and it gave me a major energy boost at first and periodically it would scare me but it helped me seriously control my appetite--i had lost 10lbs in a couple weeks on the blue bottle pills but they were extreme!!! i felt like a freaking crack head!--this new recipe of zantrex with oxydrene seems to be a little more tamer and I am still losing weight just a tad bit less rapidly but I can tell it is making a difference. I am 230 and after one week with no exercise and not over eating to much I am 225. I get energy boost and it helps with my appetite but i like how it doesn't have that crazy egde most pills give you.