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ד"ר גרין - תוספי תזונה טבעיים - ד"ר גרין מזמינה אותך לשפר את איכות חייך ובריאותך עם מבחר תוספי תזונה טבעיים המיוצרים בערבה תחת התקנים הבינלאומיים המחמירים ביותר

  • http://dr-green.com/%d7%a7%d7%a6%d7%aa-%d7%a2%d7%9c%d7%99%d7%a0%d7%95/ אודות ד"ר גרין - חיליק טבע הקים בשנת 1991 את מעבדות ד"ר גרין – מפעל משפחתי לייצור תוספי תזונה טבעיים. וכל השאר היסטוריה..

    Country:, Asia, IL

    City: 34.75 , Israel

  • E. Kim - Excellent value, but for me it just wasn't all that I wanted it to be. Your results may be different/better

    Purchased from them twice on two different occasions, they were not to my liking but my brother who did the previous purchased loved it. For the value you just cant beat it, but personally for me, it just does not quite match up to my Gillette Fusion. The handle is comfortable, and it feels solid in your hand, but for most of you, that doesn't matter, what does matter is how good a shave it is. Lots of other reviewers are praising it saying things like "closest shave I get" and "beats my (expensive razor cartridge brand)", including my brother who swears by it. I truly believe that for those individual reviewers, they do believe that, and for them the blades are exceptional, but for me it just didn't quite stack up. I dont have a lot of facial hair, and it does not grow fast, but I still shave everyday, because I do not like any facial hair, and even want to minimize the appearance of stubble. But with these blades, the shave just isnt as close, and for me led to more razor burn and irritation then normal compared to my Fusion. My face also does not feel as smooth after a shave, and because the shave isn't as close, the appearance of stubble is a little more pronounced. It doesnt matter if I use cheap shaving foam in a can, or slightly more expensive shaving gel, or "premium" shaving soap or cream, it requires more passes to shave hair, and more passes will lead to more irritation, and possibly like in my case, in-grown hair which can cause a pustule or papule (looks like a pimple with pus, or a inflamed bump). I didn't notice any excessive knicks or cuts which could indicate a low quality blade with imperfections, so it's a safe bet that they are pretty good quality blades but maybe not the best. So for me it was probably a combination of hair type, skin type, quality of blade, and the way the blade is positioned, as with 6 blades, you would think the shave would be closer. My brother, and other reviewers here, have no such problem, so they may work well for you. But the blades are a noticeable step up from disposable blades, and even more premium disposables (Schick Hydro) blades that I have used, so I would probably always use these instead of the disposables in the situations that may need them, but when I want/need that close shave, I have to regretfully fall back to Gillette. I really wanted this to work for me, like it has for so many people placing the reviews, and the value is superb. But it never claims to be the closest best shave, you will get like Gillette does, so for what it is I give it a 4/5. Also the seller I ordered from (TheGroupDeal) was simply fantastic.

  • E. Sundwall - Poor construction, poor design

    The only reason I give this stroller 2 stars (instead of 1) is because I love that the larger seat clicks out to make room for the car seat and that either one (the large seat or the car seat) can face either forward or back. For the price (when we bought this a year ago), this was the only rear-facing stroller (that I'm aware of). So, I love it for that reason ONLY.

  • Bambi Ferrarini - Amazing Results

    This product is amazing. I have read many online reviews and was still a bit skeptical, but I was recently given a sample by salon and let me tell you, this stuff is AMAZING. After only two uses I noticed a difference in my hair, it is shiny, silkier and does not tangle as much as it used to. I have waist length hair that is very fine, but I have a lot of hair. At the length it is at, it has been tangling a lot. After using this only twice, the tangling is much MUCH less. I was concerned about the scent, and although it is not my favorite scent, it is not too overpowering for me and the scent disappears after you blowdry or flat iron. Starting with damp hair, I use about two quarter sized amounts and rub it between my hands, starting from the under layers of my hair and working up so the smallest amount of product is on the top layers. After I work this in I blowdry my hair and flat iron to smooth any flyaways. My hair is silky, shiny and looks great. I highly reccommend!

  • Damien Wright - Just okay

    I read several upon several reviews regarding the effectiveness of using Princereigns Ingrown Hair Gel and I have to say I'm fairly disappointed. Now maybe it's just me because I come from a German-Italian background and have rich thick black hair and fair skin, but it really didn't do much of anything to stop ingrowns. When I first used it there was a slight improvement (I used it every day). It smells nice and feels good on the skin, but I thought maybe my skin needs to breath so I cut back to just using it after I shave and the results changed to not effective at all. For something that costs so much and has had so many great reviews I was expecting a lot more than it making ingrown spots a little less noticeable and feel slightly better.

  • Stefani - This is a great toy, I bought two

    This is a great toy, I bought two, one as a gift and one for my teen, they love it and it is great quality, it won't break if it gets dropped. There are some cheap ones out there so I was worried about buying online. Really good quality product.