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  • F. Masters - Nice accent to the Charger

    Nice accent to the Charger, but the brake peddle is a bear to get on. The gas peddle is plug and play.

  • Robert G. - Great product but be careful

    Great product for the dash of a 1971 camero and the dash of a 1989 searay boat. Make sure you put it on evenly and use long swipes and overlap but watch the amount you use. Less is more or it will streak. Great results

  • FourUnderFour - Great Plates!

    I use these paper plates everyday to help me cut down on doing dishes. I have a large family with younger kids and these are the perfect size to use for my kids. I like these so much better than the regular thin paper plates because they do not leak like the others and you don't have to double them up.

  • Lynette Farley - Will buy again

    Cream is light and feels great on your skin. The container is awesome and it squirts out of the top. One pump is the perfect amount for one application, so I feel like it helps you not overuse or waste any. I have noticed a significant difference in the texture and appearance of my skin. I will definitely continue to use this!

  • Kristine Kehoe - STOP with all the negative comments.

    I'm sitting here reading all these reviews and I'm scratching my head. I mean what do you people expect?? This is supposed to help you jump start your new you. Did you think it was going to be easy or taste like chocolate cake ??? So I gave it 4 stars because I want to be honest it's not the best tasting. It's not the worst either. I did this a before my wedding and I lost 15lbs. It was easy to follow and worked for me. I had a great support person if I needed to talk about anything. I never wanted for anything with my lady and always gave me great answers. To the trainer who posted his post. Do you have a degree in nutrition ? My husband owns a training company and he advocates it but the difference between you and him is he doesn't have a degree in nutrition nor does he give opinion like he does. People it's simple. The program works. If you want to add some extra calories it's up to your discretion. The program is designed to SAFELY allow you to consume 1000 calories a day and still be nourished. We all have enough stored fat to survive let's be honest. Like I said its a JUMP START. If it's saves someone life and helps them loose weight then that's what matters. Ridiculous these comments on here. And btw people spend an easy 100$ on a dinner in one night on garbage they shouldn't eat. How about that !