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future health now! dr carolyn dean's 2-yeartotal wellness program - a 2-year continuity program with reoccurring payments every 4 weeks ever 7 days a 5+ page pdf document -- written by a medical doctor and naturopath -- details strategies (from her seven pillars of health model) for improving health and wellbeing

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  • Tessa Archie - Good Protection

    Kaspersky did a good job of disinfecting my computer upon initial installation and effectively blocks most viruses and phishing sites. The parental control works, however it does not block inappropriate pop-ups. Although I set it to update automatically, I often get a message that updates are required, which I usually run manually. A few viruses still came through despite having Kaspersky on my system.

  • R. Sanchez - Almost a 5 Star

    Works as advertised, price is great. Present to my dad who needs it. He likes it, but spends a great deal of time watching TV and there is a latency issue. Just a millisecond delay, but he can't use it for television. Great at church and other things, but no TV we are stuck on sub-titles for the hearing impaired. Nice try though.

  • C and L - Works Great

    Put it in my 97 Ford explorer and it stopped the leak and made the steering smoother. It saved me from having to replace the pump. Its now been in for over a month and is still working great.

  • sky review - Good.

    This book is very interesting. The summertime treats are delicious. I recommend this for the super harry potter fanatic, since the recipes are from the books themselves. It's great!

  • Kate Couch - Microplaning...

    Come on ladies, you know you want to. Don't know how? Go watch the You Tube video with Michelle Money.

  • Amazon Customer - Great product

    I saw this advertised on Dr. Oz as being a stress reliever. I've been using it for a year now. I think I am able to evaulate stress now and keep calmer than before. It's worth a try!

  • Karyn Steinfeldt - COBRA FI2000 PowerPro PERFORMANCE IMPROVEMENT

    Very easy install on 2010 Kawaski Voyager (if you have offset (90 degree) needle nose pliers as directions suggest). Very noticeable improvement in Bike performance. Immediate throttle response with improved torque in every gear. Previously installed K&N air filter. Had more air coming in and 1 ¼” Baffles going out but the original fuel mapping so some but not much performance improvement. Now, with the Cobra Fi2000 PowerPro the bike is quicker and much smoother. Less downshifting necessary. I can take a turn in 4th gear at 1400 rpm’s and accelerate smoothly. The Cobra seems to always provide the correct amount of fuel for the bike to run great.