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  • BookLady - It Works!

    I suffer from Interstitial cystitis which I manage through modifying my diet to eliminate foods that trigger the problem. But it is so hard to be 100% "good" when lots of favorite foods can trigger a flare up (think: chocolate, citrus, tomatoes, onions, alcohol, caffeine, spices, and many others). My doctor recommended AZO for flare ups and it works every time. I only need to use a couple of tablets once or twice a week, but it takes away the pain and discomfort. Beware that your urine will turn a deep bright orange for a day.

  • Rod Collins - The best I have used

    This product is so much better than either of it's main competitors. I McAfee at work but this is so much better. It actually works without having problems. I have used this product for 4 years now and do not intend to use any other.

  • Mcomeau - I love Kaspersky

    I've been using Kaspersky for about two years. And it has saved me, and many of my customers, huge headaches. Including saving a five-year customer base from an automotive shop. Norton has gotten just way too big, McAfee same thing. Kaspersky runs fantastic

  • belmont - Truly Healthy Hair😍💗😊💞

    Nzuri...this would be by 2 month review. It's a wonderful Vitamin Tonic and it's full of the essential vitamins that promote hair health and the overall vitality for your body. I haven't experienced any side effects. Now, there are some very interesting changes in the strands of my hair. First, my hair increased in thickness, I already had thick 4b-4c hair. Each strand of my hair is thick from root to tip. Next, the luster of my hair increased without the added moisturizing aids. I've definitely experienced less breakage. Finally, and continuing hair length changes around the 8-10 week my hair went from earlobe length in the front to neck-length and shoulder length in the back. Here are a couple of thinks to know, I trimmed my hair when I first started the Elixer. If you are on the fence and want results that are lifelong(which requires patience and dedication) then this truly the product for you. It is result driven but, it's not overnight, try it your hair will love you for it!!

  • Michael - He gets constipated all the time because it turned out he is lactose intolerant like his ol' dada

    These are very hard to come by in any local store. They're always out of them. My 18mo old son has had poopie issues since he's been born. He gets constipated all the time because it turned out he is lactose intolerant like his ol' dada. Many formula products are milk base so we have to give 5 drops a day and we mix this with Miralax and voila. No more constipation issues.

  • benjamin davis - good case

    My card came in the mail quick,, two days and they also use the good cases with the screw at the top, even though my card's value was only a few bucks. So they get my approval :)

  • Kelly - so much that I felt like the bleach gel didn't even adhere to my tooth ...

    I used this the first time, and it immediately disappointed. The try was uncomfortable. It was too large and difficult and awkward in my mouth and caused a lot of excess accumulation of saliva...so much that I felt like the bleach gel didn't even adhere to my tooth surface. The next day, I tried to use again, but the LED light was at best 25% of the brightness and by the next day turned on for about 10 seconds before completing dead. Disappointing for $50!!