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Dental Specialty Partners of New England - At Dental Specialty Partners of New England we provide the highest level of comfort and dental expertise for our patients. Our surgical center provides our patients with the most advanced technology and the very best that dentistry has to offer. At Dental Specialty Partners we remain fully committed to our vision of providing all our patients with the finest, most comprehensive specialty surgical services available.

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City: -111.8906 Arizona, United States

  • Michael J. Sutherland - AutoCAD LT is the perfect release for the individual who is only needing to ...

    AutoCAD LT is the perfect release for the individual who is only needing to use it for 2D drafting and design. Powerful drafting features allow an individual to create solid prints for machining or other building projects as well as creating designs in the AutoCAD drawing file format for use in various CNC router platforms. So far from my experience, no other CAD platform has really come close to the 2D versatility of AutoCAD LT in its various incarnations since I learned on AutoCAD LT 2000.

  • Leah Nicole - Plumping It Up With Kim

    I love NYX. I think it is absolutely awesome that they are naming colors after celebs. The "Kim" color is a pale pink with a slight orange undertone. This color goes well with my olive skin tone but I will probably wear it over my reg. lip pencil or lip stainer color. The consistency of color is transparent, like a normal gloss... Has some pigment but it probably won't stay for long.. However... Tingling definitely stays. As far as the "Plumping Up" aspect of this product, it works great. There is a lot of tingling. Doesn't really sting or hurt but I can definitely feel the tingle and I can definitely tell a difference in my lips when I look in the mirror. They look fuller and healthier. I have lots of lines on my lips and I am not sure why... but this plumper helps inflates the lips decreasing the lips, giving me fuller healthier lips...

  • Nina - Wonderfully Practical In Growing Together Spiritually

    My husband loved the profound thoughts they brought to everyday problems we face as couples and how the Word was broken down in a way that relates to our marriage! Never thought of the things they suggest for us to do for conflict resolution!

  • B. Spader - Works Okay

    I tried putting this on my ATV snow plow but it didn't really work much at all. I followed the recommendation to put 4 coats of each bottle and it just ended up being a waste of $20 because it rubbed right off the plow. Apparently you can't put this stuff on anything that is touched by something other than just rain or light water. Snow rubbed it right off.

  • Alexis - Functional but VERY fragrant

    I practically saw night-and-day results when I started using this spray. This is the only product I've used all summer to style my hair with. I wash my hair, towel-dry it, comb it, spray this, comb it again, then blow-dry. I love it for hot humid weather (100+ degrees) because it's lightweight enough to keep my from getting oily too fast, but still gives it texture. The only thing I don't like about this is the scent. It has a VERY strong medicine-like scent--almost like cherry cough syrup. The scent goes away once my hair dries, but it's still enough to knock me off my feet when I spray it. Other than the scent, I love this spray.