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  • Nic S. - Smart & FUN!

    Julia Padden is naturally perky. Her neighbor, Cain Maddox is not. In fact, he could be described as “surly”, at best. When Julia needs an idea to blog about to snag her dream job, her friend convinces her to kill Cain with kindness and then blog her progress. Reluctant at first, Julia eventually decides to try it. Little did she know that her little experiment would not only change Cain’s life, it would change hers as well!

  • Nicole32 - These are ok but I don't see where I am ...

    These are ok but I don't see where I am losing weight, even though I am taking the thermofit with them. I will continue taking them in hopes that the weight does start coming off. No magic pill though Diet and exercise is a must.

  • Chuck - Cramp free relief!

    If you suffer from cramps, you need this! It really works! I started getting leg cramps in the middle of the night from hiking. This product has stopped them completely. I take a heaping teaspoon mixed with maybe 2 tablespoons of hot water,(this stuff fizzes rapidly, kind of like alka seltzer), and mix it with about 12 ounces of Clammato juice, or V8 every evening with my meal. By itself it tastes much like alka seltzer. But it mixes well with other fluids that overpower the taste. Anyway you take it, those cramps will be history.