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  • Amazon Customer - Did no work for me

    Simply put, it did not work for me. Job offer got withdrawn. All my fault obviously but I'll say if you are getting a hair follicle test done get 90 days clean beforehand.

  • William Boswell - I was not happy and will never purchase Microsoft software from Amazon again

    Getting this installed via Amazon was a major headache because their invoice provided the wrong information. What was listed as the Product Key was actually a Redemption Key which is used to get the Product Key. I had to go through Microsoft's tech support to get my software installed which took nearly two hours to accomplish. I was not happy and will never purchase Microsoft software from Amazon again.

  • Steve Ingram - Waste of Money!!

    This is my first Amazon review. I have never taken the time to write a review but this failed purchase left me no choice. I have owned this item for just 24 hours and I have to say I absolutely hate it. As a frequent buyer on Amazon I always read reviews and ratings. In this case most reviews were positive so I decided to give it a chance. At this point a refund or smashing it with a hammer would bring me equal satisfaction. Here's why:

  • Jeff - Quality Part

    Nice product. Packaged really well, peanut foam and bubble wrap everywhere. I wouldn't imagine anyone receiving this item damaged unless UPS threw it over your fence. No worries though, it shipped via FedEx.

  • Jeff B. - Ugh, waste of my money

    Debated between this and Roxio. This had slightly better ratings so went with it. Very poor UI, did not work in burning DVD data disk, tried multiple settings. Main menu has many bloatware options that don't actually work, but take you to a web site to pay yet more money. Why is nobody selling a clean burn oriented package that just works?

  • Hillary M. - I love the sound quality

    Would buy again. I love the sound quality, and super easy to pair. My only complaint (and perhaps because while it can attach to 2 devices one is an Apple iphone and the other isn android?) if both devices are on/paired/connected, it always "prefers"the iphone (i.e., if both the iphone and android are connected and I try to use the earpiece to call on the android phone, itunes through the android phone starts playing through the earpiece) This may be user error, but I have no idea, so I just have to disconnect and only keep one device connected at a time, which I do feel takes away from the usefulness (I have a workphone and a personal cell, so they are both on at all times). I love that this is small and discreet, I can use it without looking like "the person that always has a bluetooth earpiece in". The sound quality is very nice, much more than I expected at this price point.