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Equine Investigator | Research you can use! - World's first April 30th, 2008 On March 17th, 2008 the first offspring of a horse clone was born. Dam Prometea, a five-year-old Haflinger, is the world's first clone of a horse, produced by the italian Laboratorio di Tecnologie della Riproduzione (LTR). The same company now produced the little colt Pegaso by a single artificial insemination.…

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  • L0ri - Worked for 2 months.

    It worked pretty good, but only for 2 months. Then it just stopped working. I called customer service, said on hold for over an hour. I never got through.

  • R. Ruiz Jr. - Not a miracle in a bottle, but very effective!

    My 1998 Mitsubishi Montero Sport has reached 100K miles and I needed to spoil her by buying some kind of engine treatment. My mechanic recommend this product and I'll tell you that the engine runs a lot smoother.

  • Jan Gallagher - DON'T BUY IT!!!!!!!!

    I stupidly fell for the commercial and bought the whole system. I don't like it and of course can't return it. Its is SOOOOOO expensive all told -- about $400 (which they don't say in the commercial). Save yourself alot of money.

  • Picky Consumer - Costumer support - bad experience

    I have been an Avast customer for at least 5 years. Never really had a problem with the program until recently. I called customer support and gave them access to my computer to help me figure what the problem was. After about 15 minutes with them looking through things the guy tell me that he sees what is wrong and that for a cost of over $200 one of there technical guys could fix my problem. All I had to do was pay this outrageous amount and they would set up an appointment for me. And this was on another computer that I had the upgraded version that I paid for! I have never had a problem with the program keeping viruses off my computer but to charge an outrageous price on something like this made me look at Avast in a different way. not happy with their customer support at all