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    I have been on every diet known to man. I have tried drops, pills and herbal supplements that even Dr. Oz has endorsed and NOTHING, not a dam$ thing but a still fat belly and a MUCH SKINNIER WALLET! I've been duped by people raving with 5 star ratings of supplements thinking it would work for me. Not!

  • Old NY Guy - Works with Nitecore 18650 Battery, but is quirky with Orbtronic

    Works fine with Nitecore 18650 2600mAh Protected Li-ion Rechargeable Battery, but not with Orbtronic 18650 3400mAh Protected Battery. As power drains, the flashlight behavior with the Orbtronic was quirky. It would shut off and/or reduce intensity well before the battery was drained. Even though the Nitecore has a lower power profile, the Fenix PD32 operates normally for at least twice the time with it than with the Orbtronic. The light intensity "downshift" seems to occur at about 80% of the usable time period. I have several Orbtronic and Nitecore batteries; the difference in behavior seems to be brand related.

  • Laurdess Valentino - love this stuff

    i will never use any other product in my hair. This stuff last all day and helps with thick hair. I have fly aways and this stuff is like a glass sheen on my hair. Too much and you will be sorry, but I tell you this is great stuff if your hair is dry and thick.

  • K. Matney - Works well, and very quiet

    This is our third Proform treadmill - the two previous until we had lasted 7-8 years of everyday use, and I hope this does the same. Assembly wasn't bad - however the 2 screws to hold of the left armrest didn't work. They simoplky would not screw in with any amount of force, so I had to drill out the drill out the holes, and replace the provided screws with some self-drilling screws I already had. The end result was great, but it took some extra work. I put the whole thing together myself, but 2 people is best, as a bit of force is required to get everything to line up when assembling. I'm still giving it 5 stars, since the end result was better tan I expected.

  • weekend rider - Well worth having

    A little more sophisticated than the previous version I had. Not surprising, since that one is more than ten years old.

  • Sherry - This was nice for the first couple of weeks

    This was nice for the first couple of weeks. I liked it because it was easy for my daughter to use and it also got the back of her hair easily. Then the end pieces started falling off. Keep in mind that my daughter has thin hair and always brushed her hair before use. It stopped working completely a month after purchase. I will never buy one again.

  • Jane Hagerman - A good read, hard to put down.

    This was the first book I have read by this author and don't often buy books that I have not read the author before. However I took the chance and it was a fast paced story that I liked from start to finish. Will no doubt buy this author again.