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  • Michele Hardin - Similar to Office 2010 with some touch/tablet improvements

    It's tough to review an update to the entire office suite, as it's a big and complicated product. This release includes Excel, OneNote, PowerPoint, Outlook, and Word. So I'll restrict myself to some impressions and reactions. First, this release seems quite functionally similar to the Office 2010 release. That is, it uses "ribbons" to organize the various menus and seems to have largely the same options and functionality from that release. There are, of course some improvements and changes, though. One of the biggest across the programs seems to be increased optimization for tablets and touch. The biggest of these is the addition of "ink markup": this allows you to add a layer of touch-inputted marks to your documents, marking proposed changes, sketching improvements, etc. This could be very useful in editing or responding to documents in a tablet environment where typing is difficult. Another change is that the overall appearance has been tweaked to reflect the new "Windows 8" look... Read more

  • Amazon Customer - Isn't this the idea behind the wii?

    I never used this product but the concept is cool. I think nintendo was years ahead of their time with this product. I thimk it's what made them come up with the wii

  • Sofia H. - Couldn't be more pleased!!

    My experience with my new brush has been awesome! My make up has never looked so smooth and blended on myself or my clients. I LOVE this brush and am suggesting everyone try it out. It takes a little adjusting to the new technology in shape but once you play around they're great.

  • Teevee - I liked it a lot

    I liked it a lot. I just recently purchased a new computer, and purchased this software also. My very old version was still working, but probably would not be too compatible with Windows 10. I think purchasing the software for the life of the computer is better than having to renew a yearly subscription, especially for what I plan to use the Office programs for in the future. A great product!

  • Reja - Kudos!

    Received in less than 24 hours with regular free shipping, works great. This model of radiator typically tends to develop a crack in the side, and sometimes new or rebuilt ones also have this problem. This particular one had no problems at all. It was also much cheaper than others priced.

  • Zev Busel - Easy to Use

    Nice gentle product. Easy to use. Very cool in temp. I like that. A little bit drippy and gelatinous but that's fine. Rinses clean.