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  • John M - Superior glue for valuable antique restoration projects

    In my spare time I restore antique clocks. Most of the american antique wood clock cases were originally assembled with hide glue which makes them easy to dis-assemble. I use a low pressure steam generator to get the old glue to release without damage to the wood. Reassembly is a pleasant experience due to the high initial "stick" of hide glue and the log open time. Water is all you need to clean up wet or tacky glue. This glue doesn't require much clamping time and the glue joints are nearly invisible after drying. Since I expect my beloved clocks to last into the next century I decided to use hide glue so that the next restoration project will have equal success. One thing to be aware of is that hide glue has roughly a year shelf life so check the expiration date. The supply I bought on Amazon was fresh but my local hardware store's supply was way past expiration.

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    This is the first foundation primer I've ever used. I was very hesitant to start putting so much stuff on my face because I didn't want to feel like I had a billion pounds of gunk on me. This primer is so nice. It's runnier than I expected - I guess I was expecting some thick cream or something - so you don't really need a lot. It goes on very smoothly and after it's on you can't feel its presence. My foundation, blush, and bronzer stay on all day and don't fade away. Great product, I highly recommend it.

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    It's the best concentration of the best writing from the best writers. I've always loved this annual anthology. Often I'd read those pieces for the second time since their original publications were elsewhere, But I don't mind the least bit because they warrant revisits over and over.

  • Amazon Customer - Amazing. Perfect fit

    Amazing. Perfect fit. Covers perfectly. Wished Velcro was in circle around the speaker, but other than that, awesome! Easy to clean.

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    I love this! It clips on my BOB stroller easily and come off easy too. The only thing I would like to change is the ability to collapse the stroller with this adaptor still on. Having to take it off every time is annoying but I know I would need it for very long anyway.

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    My 3 year old grandson loves this toy. He was really impressed when he pulled out the ramp to load the tractor onto the truck and the truck made "ramp" sounds. He now loads his airplanes from the planes movie to move them to the "race".

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    I have purchased Willmaker 5,6 and now 2013 and each one was easy to use and the accompanying books were extremely informative and thorough. I have used the 2013 version when reviewing my parents' wills and because of this, provided my folks a checklist of a few things they needed to clarify with the attorneys who drew up their wills. I would highly recommend this product to anyone who wishes to create their own will. The simplicity of use and the accuracy of the final product is a great comfort; knowing that wills can garner strong scrutiny and the Willmaker product will hold it's own.