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  • An encounter generates a ship plus story - When I was in grade school, third, fourth or fifth grade I don’t remember which, our teacher was pregnant and had the kid right at the mid year and we had a sub the rest of the year. Sister Margret-Ann she was the only long tern sub that was available and the general school district had to accept her. Everyone’s grades dropped significantly during her reign. She wore the traditional long black and white habit every day. No one liked her as she was mean and militaristic in how she treated
  • Fields of Battle - I'm going to guess that someone contacted the author of Fields of Battle to see if he would make the content available to the public. The reason I was wondering is that it has been listed as part of the author publications on Wiki. I guess I was hoping that he would have been willing to let it go out since the system is defunct and is no doubt proud of his work. After almost a three year hiatus my LOTR group is restarting and I was hoping to have some more variations for their
  • Code of Honor - Starfleet - I've looked in my books and dug around on these boards and I haven't really found what I'm looking for. Does anyone have a specific set of guidelines on what the Starfleet Code of Honor Disadvantage would require of a player? I can guess at this point that Kirk wouldn't have it and Picard would, but beyond generally "following the rules" I'm not really sure I know exactly what rules you would need to stick to in order to not lose renown. Thanks for any thoughts or advice. Oh, and it

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  • Average Guy - Still the Best

    MS VS2012 is still that top development environment around. The newer version brings additional editing capabilities and features while preserving the familiar environment.

  • Natasha919 - Durable and cool!

    This is a really well made truck! I'm impressed because as a first time mom I've learned that a lot of toys are cheaply made. The lights on the truck and tractor are the coolest thing. Definitely recommend!

  • Rev. Ronald C. Moss - K&N out does all other filters

    Don't put your engine life in jeopardy with the mfgr's brands or other well known ones. K&N out lasts them all in filtering performance

  • Amanda L Henry - Perfect, affordable, substitute for gillette

    For the price you cannot beat these razors. The razor is smooth, and I like the 6 blade feeling of it. The handle is sturdy, reminded me of Gillette.I really liked how many replacement blades come with it as well, I never felt stingy with my blades, once it felt a little rough I just replaced it. Because I am a women using this blade on legs, each blade lasted about 2 week (because of how much area I have to cover). I have never been cut by the blades either, and I have been using this product for awhile.

  • Josh H. - Not as advertised

    I bought this cable with the need to connect my mangavox VCR up to my flat screen tv. HOWEVER... I found the cable could not quite reach. Distressed, i decided to measure the cable and found that it wasn't the 6.56 feet that purchased, but only 6.4 feet! It was very disappointing because i thought i had finally found the correctly sized cord for my entertainment system. When i contacted audioquest the representative was very rude, and spent 2 hours telling me that they did not sell 2meter cables in the first place.

  • M. Ibrahim Khera - it works

    it came in on time. i used it and it works. i will recmend for other to try it. i will buy again.

  • Amazoner321 - OMG. So. Excited.

    Update 3/3/2012: I'm pleased to report I've had *totally* different results on my bikini line than on my legs. I'd say I've seen at least a 60% reduction in growth after 3 treatments, maybe more (I'm only 1 week post-treatment so there is still time for more hairs to fall out) - I'm amazed and completely pleased! Still working on my legs, making progress slowly but surely.