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  • Rich - Surprised to see all of the mixed reviews!

    I purchased the original magicjack about 5 or 6 years ago. It worked fine 90% of the time but eliminating my $35 - $40/month phone bill was worth it. I recently upgraded to magicjack plus which has worked flawlessly 100% of the time and now I don't have to keep my computer on to use it. I love this thing and my girlfriend says I should be their spokesperson because I'm always touting it. It's too bad many others have not had such a good experience but it has worked great for me.

  • Mary91953 - Insulin Resistance - now I understand WHY I was so hungry!

    I've been studying nutrition forever to try to figure out how I would be able to eat enough to lose weight but not starve. I'm about 60 pounds overweight and have been on 99% of the diets out there and refuse to do one again. Yet I want to be healthy.

  • Tashana Trice - Did not work for me!!

    I had high hopes for this product but it's been very disappointing. I purchased the deep cleanser along with this and started using all of them as instructed. The cleanser felt like I was depositing product on my face and these 6 products followed suit. I literally felt like I was just using cream after cream after cream. The Toner didn't tingle as toners are commonly known to do so I wondered if it was even working. The BB cream look like an SPF mask that just sat on my face. My makeup couldn't cover it so I had to wipe it off. After 2 tries, i stopped using the BB cream. After using this line I actually broke out. I continued using it thinking that it was just getting out toxins and it would get better. No such luck!! I continued to break out so I think my theory of cream after cream on my face was right. I also noticed that while using this line, by the end of the day, my face was oilier than usual. Disappointed!! and now I have all these full bottles that will end up in the trash!!