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  • Karen - Toppik Regular Auburn Hair Building Fibers

    Absolutely love this product! Just sprinkle in your hair and it looks so much thicker. If you color your hair, great to use between colorings. It does stay in until you wash your hair. Get will love it!!!!!!!!!!

  • ColorBound - All over the place hard to follow

    This book is all over the place. Nothing is it certain chapters and hard to follow. Also there is no one to contact for questions. I have emailed and contacted customer service and they do not have the answers to the questions. This book might be good for candida but it is not good for staph or other bacteria infections. Lots of good advice but not always true. As red potatoes are not good to eat if you have a bacteria infection as the potatoes create sugar and sugar makes bacteria grow. Disappointed in the book and the plan.

  • joseph - Bad Medicine

    I was hopimg for an upgraded version of Casino 2005 that would run on Windows 7. I loved Casino 2005 but it would not run on my machine after I installed Windows 7. So I bought Casino 2011. The box said that there was a rule book and strategy guide inside the box. No way and not on the disc or installed on the computer. I contacted Encore and have not received a response. Stay away from Encore Casion 2011.

  • Alan - Read this before you decide!

    Try this product before you criticize it. And when I say "try" I mean really try. If you don't feel anything with 8 drops, three times a day, then try 16 drops, 3 or 4 times a day. I typically take 12-16 drops, three times a day. I sometimes took even more to get over my original detox.

  • BRIAN ALANIS - I want to see you live longer (dont forget the bulging disc that was cutting off my spinal fluid and making me pass out and have

    I am a nurse that works nights (for 20 years nights). I have two small kids a full time and my health. Lets dont forget the health because we all know what night shift does to are bodies. I have thyroid disease, hypertention, osteopenia, sinus issues and total exhaustion all the time. My brother that is a nurse and preacher called me and said please try this for me. I want to see you live longer (dont forget the bulging disc that was cutting off my spinal fluid and making me pass out and have really bad headaches.) So, in all fairness our bodies are all unique....again we are all unique. So what works for you may not work for the next person. But i can say for myself. I love it!!!!! It gives me a steady energetic felling. My mind is clearer. And i am getting all the vitamins in one sitting instead of handfuls a day. One sitting. Well i take it 3x's a day. The nights i work i drink one when i get up at 3:30 p.m., at 7 p.m. and then around 1 a.m. this gives me my steady energy. And then my days off. I play with the times. So, remember everyone is unique and different. If you have blood pressure issues maybe it was the two cups of coffee or the bacon and eggs you ate that morning, the road rage you had driving to work or tha anxiety of just the thought of your work days. So please think about all the other stuff that could be the culprit. But until let us live better, be more at peace with ourselves, try to slow down and breath. I for sure am trying. Its like an alcoholic or a smoking it's very hard. God bless all of you. My prays are with you. The nurse that is working on herself.

  • Amazon Customer - Excellent Bike

    I've been very happy with this bike. The assembly was not that difficult - took maybe an hour. No adjustment was needed for shifting, and only minor adjustments were needed for the brakes. When I compared the specs listed here on Amazon to what the manufacturer has on their web site, there were some differences. However, the bike I received is exactly what was specified here. I've ridden about 500 miles so far. The only issue I've had was two spokes that broke. I'm not sure why that happened, but it was an easy fix and no problems since then.

  • WA.Husker - Amazing for such a small light

    I have quite a few flashlights around the house, ranging from the $3 ones you find in the check out lines of stores up to a $25 Smith and Wesson LED that I've had for years. Was going on a camping trip and since the kids called dibs on the 'good' ones we had, I decided to try this out. I am very glad I did. The brightness settings are great and easy to use (a succession of clicks runs it through each of the settings) and on high it is very impressive. It is very well made as I dropped it a couple times while camping and it didn't even flicker. Used it quite a bit and haven't noticed any indication of battery drain at all yet. The only thing I wish it would do is have an adjustable beam as at a distance it is a very wide light throw and would have been nice on several occasions to have a more focused beam. That is not enough of a takeaway though for me to reduce to 4 stars.