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  • Carrie Starke - I love this thing

    This has saved so many of my flat surfaces from being torn to shreds! It's so neat to see the self healing take action! The size makes it easy for me to cut my fabric exactly the size I need I'm just a few swoops of my cutter! Arrived as scheduled!

  • Pearly - Insulin Resistant - Syndrome X - Metabolic Syndrome

    What ever the turm used for this condition "The Insulin-Resistance Diet" is the most valuable and informative diet book I have read on this subject. I highly recommend this book to anyone who is struggling with this condition and is looking for answers as I have been. It is more of a lifestyle than a diet, it makes sense, is easy to follow and enjoyable. Being diagnosed correctly has taken me more than four years, but finally I know what is the cause of the weight gain in my mid-section.

  • Nancie Lajeunesse - 👎👎👎👎👎 only because the color comes off!!!

    I purchased the gold case for my iPhone 6s about a month ago and I loved the case until the color started to come off! The gold is literally coming off and there's a dirty dark color appearing underneath!! Paid almost $60 for this case it should be made to last for a very long time period! Very upset and disappointed! I need you guys to do better! I'm actually going to return it!!

  • A. comjean - Bass on Mac mini working well.

    Mac Mini owner here. I have the mid 2011 mini with the AMD video card. It works fine although not on the officially supported list. Other mac owners haven't been so lucky with their installs.

  • Jill Simmons - Good set of vacuum space saver bags!

    I received these at a discount in exchange for an honest opinion. I have used many brands of this type of bag over the years, and it was time to replace some that don't hold the seal any more. This is a great assortment of sizes and the bags are quite heavy weight compared to others I have used. They have a double zipper to seal and the kit comes with a pump that seems well made. One of the problems I have had with bags like this before is that, once you suction out the air, the lid snaps on but sometimes it doesn't seat well and you lose your seal. This lid is great because it snaps then screws on, making it extra secure. In the past I have used a vacuum hose to draw out air, but having the pump is nice because I don't have to haul out extra equipment now.

  • Michael Wojcik - I used this with my Keurig so I can enjoy my non-k-cup coffee and i don't have to switch ...

    I used this with my Keurig so I can enjoy my non-k-cup coffee and i don't have to switch out the parts in the coffee maker itself. Works great and easy to clean. I have not seen any coffee grinds make it past the mesh and I have used very fine grounds in it....

  • Lisa - Happy I purchased

    My first thought upon composing this review is "this is one of my all-time best purchases." I considered that statement...yes, it is true. Let it be known that I am Exhibit A when it comes to practicality and frugal consumerism. I have never watched the Home Shopping Network, et al. I actually first saw the infomercial for the Ninja Professorial as I zenned out on the StairMaster at the gym. I sort of followed the pictures on the TV screen in front of me and it was intriguing enough that I pulled out of my meditative step.....step......step...step..step..step.stepstepstep state and plugged in the earphones.