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  • C. Dreier - Nice Burr Grinder

    I was looking for a burr grinder to replace the blade grinder we had been using. The Secura is inexpensive, yet does a nice job. It's well made, solid and has a nice feel and weight. The only negatives I have are that it does collect grind dust and has to be cleaned frequently. But the cleaning is easy to do and may be the same for all burr grinders.

  • Mudge Maxson - Beats out Starbucks and Twinings Chai Tea

    My wife is Indian and loves Chai tea, but we're busy people and it takes a long time to make it properly. She has tried the following:

  • New Orleanian - Older models are better

    I love Timbuk2, but not this model year. I don't like the way the straps are under the flap because it makes it too difficult to easily operate. I also think the water bottle spots are pointless. I couldn't fir any bottle or coffe cup. The one thing I did like was the padding on the strap, that was an improvement.

  • G. Greene - Professional Review Guide for CCA Examination

    Good review with exam review questions for all categories tested. Comes with CD which is good practice for actual exam. Better to get this when you start your coding class as it also gives ideas of books to read for the exam if you are not already using them in your class.

  • Miles Rhys - missing 30 pages

    The brand new book I received from Amazon is missing pages 449-480, which includes letters P-S of section 1. I did not notice the missing section until I needed to look up a renal code and it still took me a minute to figure out the problem. It appears that they were left out during the manufacturing process because there is no evidence that the book was tampered with as the binding is intact and there are no gaps. Even though it was past my 30 day return window, Amazon is replacing the book with 1 day shipping for free. We will see if this is just my book, or the entire lot. If you order this title, check for defects ASAP. Other than that, the book is as expected from an ICD-9 volume. I wish it had section tabs for an easier search, but that can be remedied with a free afternoon and sticky notes.

  • Scott C - Rethink how you'd like to live out your last days on earth

    As an older gentleman, I've seen my friends get married and some of my friends get divorced. My folks have been married for over 30 years so I wanted a marriage to last like that. As the cheesy saying goes, I want my first marriage to be my only marriage. So I spent a lifetime looking for the perfect girl for me. The right amount of funny, dirty, adventurous, couragous and loving. And I had found her. She was pretty, smart, funny and in a word, amazing. After courting her for over a year I finally gained the courage I needed to ask her to marry me.

  • Jessica Weleski - Won't be on my bookshelf for long...because it will be on loan

    Rarely do I find myself thinking, "I'll just read one more chapter before I go to sleep" when I'm reading a non-fiction, sociological study. However, I thought that several times while reading Coming Apart. As a 31 year old college professor, I missed out experientially on 20 years of what the cultural shift in the upper class that Murray describes. His descriptions of the self-isolating patterns of the elite resonated with observations that I've made during my education and in my career, and the interactive quiz that Murray gives in chapter 4 is thought provoking. One of the elements of this section that I appreciated most was Murray's perception of the audience that would read this book, an audience that still retains a healthy amount of what he describes as social capital. He argues that this social capital is mismanaged by the upper class, who choose to turn inward into self-isolating communities that embrace shallowly-held values and lose sight of the greater value of making a difference in the overall health of the country.