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  • J. Smiley - Loving it so far.

    This is my first Subaru and it has been a great performer so far. Averaging about 27.5 mph around town with the 4 cylinder. The engine is a bit noisy when you accelerate hard, but not a big issue. The turning radius is great and makes it easy to park. We are about to take our first long trip and I am looking forward to seeing how it handles in some off road excursions.

  • Anna - Fantastic travel bag

    I bought this bag for a two week trip to Europe. I didn't want to wheel around a standard suitcase and didn't want the inconvenience of a backpack (top entry only). This was a perfect blend of a suitcase and a backpack. There are several compartments, including two smaller zippered pockets on the end, one on the top, and a netted pouch inside. I was able to fit a few pairs of low profile shoes in one pouch. The straps were low profile and the bag was very comfortable to wear. The pack fit easily into the overhead bins on the plane. I may even use the bag for shorter trips in the future. Great bag overall!

  • Jocelyn - Great starter

    This is a very good starter flute, which is what I needed it for. Some minor flaws made in manufacturing but not a big deal when just learning. Great price for what you get. :) I also love the pink and silver look. It is beautiful.

  • Gary - Don't waste your money on this crap

    Doesn't Amazon check out it's products they sell or at least read the reviews? Amazon needs to stop allowing products that are just a scam. Don't waste your money on this crap.. 10' x 10' area? Really... Try raking the soil, buy reputable grass seed, cover the seed with soil and water well at least once per day. For the same price you can cover 10,000 square feet.. No, I didn't buy this crap, and anyone with a brain wouldn't send them a penny.

  • Tricia Fields - Best Skillet I Own

    I love my cast iron skillets. I enjoy cooking with them and even properly caring for them. I love the rich black surface of my well cared for Lodge and Wagner skillets. I keep one small nonstick pan in the cabinet and use it occasionally when I don't feel like dragging out the heavy cast iron. Then I notice the pit marks where the Teflon coating has started peeling off and I think about the research condemning nonstick and go back to the heavy CI. I do like the enameled cast iron from Le Creuset, but it's still cast iron, so it's still just as heavy.

  • Sorrel Wunderlin - Each day brings a smile

    Some of the cartoons are above my head...but still it's a great way to start each day with a smile and a laugh!

  • JALMR - IT WORKS !!!

    My husband and I have been using the Earthing Bed Sheet for over a year. We began to think it was really not helping and we figured we'd been scammed UNTIL we went on vacation without it !! Our aches and pains, especially in our knees, were obviously back!! We've tested it several times now and are true believers!! Getting up and down out of chairs etc. was painful when we took the sheet off and no problem when we put it back on. Have one on our Motorhome bed and take it with us when traveling by car. Believe or's your choice!