Healthy Worker | Occupational Health Services Alberta - Healthy Worker is the leading provider of occupational health services in Southern Alberta. Our primary location is in Lethbridge, Alberta.

  • Healthy Worker | Mobile Alcohol and Drug Testing - We operate mobile drug testing program. Our certified professional staffs are able to complete all alcohol and drug testing in our barrier free clinic.
  • Healthy Worker | Mobile Hearing Testing - We have conducted thousands of mobile hearing testing for workers. Our mobile fleet currently provides hearing testing all over in Alberta.
  • Healthy Worker | Mask Fit Testing | Respirator Fit Testing - We perform mask fit testing to protect workers from inhalation of hazardous particles, gases and vapors encountered in a job. We conduct respirator fit testing in Alberta.
  • Noise and Compressed Breathing Air Testing | Healthy Worker - For best working conditions, we offer proper noise and compressed breathing air testing services in Alberta. Our breathing air quality testing service is extremely effective.

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  • Aracelis - My face was breaking out especially bad and decided to buy this

    I've had adult acne out of nowhere for about a year now. NOTHING topical has worked for me in this past year. My face was breaking out especially bad and decided to buy this, and after just a day I noticed a great difference. In a few days I noticed a dramatic change. It's been about 3 weeks and I don't have acne anymore, just a few scars that this green tea cream has been clearing up as well. My acne was located across my jawline, if this is the kind of adult acne that you have please give this a chance, it's done wonders for my face.

  • Meghan Jo Birdnow - My picky eaters favorite treat!

    This is the only supplement my tiny little one will take. I love that I can mix it in my blender cup with whole milk fresh! I recently discovered that a 1/3 cup is equal to one section packed of my old formula containers. Now I just pre-measured the amount, pour, shake, and serve!

  • Joseph C Pelc - Explanation for Design Changes -Assurance that product is same quality - UPDATED with response from CHEETAH MOUNTS

    I have now purchased two of these units - one is holding a 60" PN60F5300 Samsung Plasma and the other a 51" PN51F4500 Samsung Plasma. The instructions were adequate and I made sure to tighten even the pre-assembled nuts and screws. The two piece top and bottom make me a little nervous - as does the lack of nuts on the screws for the side brackets. I know this is rated to 165 lbs (my 60" is about 60lbs and the 51" is about 40 lbs) but I will keep checking to make sure the steel isn't bending. Maybe CheetahMounts can speak more to this with assurance that it will hold up. I think that they should explain how the new design in multiple pieces is truly as strong as the previous one piece design.

  • John C. - Razor works fine. I was disappointed it doesn't have a pop ...

    Razor works fine. I was disappointed it doesn't have a pop up trimmer. First Norelco I've had without one. I should have paid better attention when reading the description.

  • Kenneth - Treasure

    Do yourself a favor. Buy this book. I run a dental care company and keep up with all the literature out there.